Are you tired of your lousy fapping skill ? Are you not wanting to master the art of fapping? If yes , you are looking at the right site because today , we , at iwicsyi will introduce you to the master of fapping ,Onani Master Kurosawa!
Onani Master Kurosawa is a doujinshi about fapping , the whole story plot line is about fapping , the whole story motivation is surprisingly , about fapping too .

I know what you did there , but no no no , put down your tissue now , this doujinshi isn’t just any H manga , actually , it isn’t H at all . There are some explicit scene here and there but it just the same level along the line of family guy or even crayon shin chan. To put it simply like everyone does , think of deathnote and switch killing people using notebook with fapping , and yes , you get something along the same premise. Psychology fapping in its simplest term .

It is not comedy , it is not superman , it is not hentai , it is , and always is a story about humanity and social withdrawn. It is a matured psychology series so fans of monster , deathnote and lain may like this series.

So you can read it at mangafox . Although I don’t like reading manga online ,but this series is a doujinshi , in which it means that you can only get hold of it in japan. Even so , I doubt that you can find it easily and even if you can find it easily , you won’t understand it anyway . There won’t be  any chance of it getting commercialize too , so the chance of you seeing it  on the bookshelf being translated is almost 0 anywhere. So ya , the only way to read it is through illegal method that no one really scorn about . <-Link to your mastering of the skill of fapping . Scanlation is not yet complete and I can’t find its chinese name. Google it won’t help much too .

Update : Found the chinese scan lol . . So ya , let’s wait till I finish this awesome manga first before proceeding to watching clannad . Clannad is awesome so far . It is like 10 times better than season 1. The family values and romance is more heavy in season 2 , unlike those crap shown in season 1 . Finally I want to say , japanese made good stuff but the chinese improvise on it , fast and effective.