1st step : You must play dota and watch naruto .

2nd step:  Ask others about anime and talk about your favourite naruto hero and how all those filler suck while acting like you know everything.. Otherwise , ask them if they want a game of Dota tonight.

3rd step: Watch and talk about  tcs series , you will be surprise that everyone in your class is watching them too . Yes , the last time I watched tv is when my television channel station is call tcs. Now i think they are call the new boat has nothing.

4th step : Crack unfunny joke about tiger time when people asked you  about the time. Don’t worry , everyone will find it funny because most people have a bad sense of humour . Crack great joke if you can , but great joke need the right timing . That’s also why I seldom talk because I can’t find the right timing for a great joke . Ya , I am always thinking about great joke when I want to start a conversation , otherwise I will just reply you with the most generic answer that is so conventional , you will be thinking that I am teaching you on the art of pr( public relation).

————–Interval for more————————-

5th Step: Made yourself look funny even though you are not funny at all . Smart people will look at you as a fool but don’t worry , there aren’t much smart people around . If not , why does everyone seem to laugh at unfunny joke?

6th Step: Talk about girls because everyone is an idiot that think that talking about the pretty girl that is standing over there is cool .

7th Step : Don’t be a nerd ,or at least not  have manga and anime as your biggest hobby. If not , you won’t have anything in common to talk about because everyone is an idiot that only watch naruto and bleach. No , people who watch naruto and bleach are not idiot , people that only watch those two are . Not to mention , those who bring out naruto/bleach/onepiece when you ask them about anime is a cretin .

8th Step: When you talk about soccer/football , only talk about EPL . Bayern Munich and Schweinsteiger will sound alien to them. Not many people follow NBA  , so talk about nba at your own risk. Not to mention , other sport such as tennis and badminton are worse , only talk about them to pro , but you must be a pro yourself in the first place which I doubt you are one .

9th Step: Use thier lingo such as la ,li, lor, but then, sia and etc.

10th Step: Talk about sex , but use terms that they understand . Everyone seem to be an expert on sex but if you talk about morning wood , most will not  know what the hell that is. In simpler term , use words like masturbation , penis , vagina ,  fuck , cum and blowjob as  they won’t understand what fellatio , bondage , SM , homophile and mammary intercourse are,

The first ten step is for interacting with boys . Take note that I didn’t use the word “man” here.

The next few steps is for interaction with girls/bitch . The next few step won’t work for non bitch .

Step 1 : Again , crack unfunny joke , girls for some reason think that unfunny joke is the best joke around the world.

Step 2 : Movies , talk about the newest movie and such but beaware of the fact that  they think that a 1 month old movie is old .

Step 3: Talk about how nice their hair is , how great their shirt is and where did they buy their things or where do they cut their hair.

Step 4 : Make everything sounds awesome even if they aren’t . A class outing is awesome , an orientation is awesome , koizora is the best movie and  Ken’ichi Matsuyama is the cutest artist. Read riuva post about Koizora , that is like the funniest thing I ever read , both the comment and the post itself.

Step 5: Talk about relationship , stead and bgr. I hate the word bgr and stead because it made you sound like shit if you were to utter them out of your mouth .

I don’t know anything anymore because I seldom interact with girls . Every time,I’ll just left a sarcastic comment to them and they will give you a response that is so generic , you thought that you are reading the number 27492301093479 carbon copy of Love Hina now . When I mean every time , I really mean every time . I don’t do that to women though. If I don’t left a sarcastic remark to you if you are a girl , it doesn’t mean that you are a women , it just means that you are worse than a girl….. ok , not worse than a girl but I don’t feel like playing around with you