moe-17929-akikan-suzuhira_hiroWhen judging an anime , I tend to be pretty lenient . A flaw to me does not cause as much impact when compare to  its grace. That’s the reason why I don’t have anime that I particularly hate due to its shitty animation or even a shitty plot . I only hate an anime when I think that it doesn’t deserve its attention .Spending time to a overrated show while giving a pass to inarguable epic one made my blood boiled really . Now before we digress further , let’s get back to Akikan.

Even with eyesore animation , Akikan is pretty OK in its other area. For one , I find that the ost is pretty exceptional and it helps in building up the mood well. The jokes are also unexpected and surprisingly ok , not really funny but at least better than those in K-on .

The story is generic alright , but I myself think that it is generic in the right way . Unlike Akane iro where lousy formula such as onsen and lol planned marriage are applied , Akikan strike for a more successful formula . If you take notice of their conversation , it is actually pretty creative in its own aspect . It is like kure nai type of conversation , just that it is a lousier version of it .

I also found that some still frame in the anime pretty well drawn. You know , when everything is so shitty , a beautiful frame stick up a lot . Those are the one that I am talking about .  I forgot which frame it is  but I remember that  there are definitely some frame that is exceptionally well drawn and show the masterful skill of Hiro Suzuhira .

Maybe I am just bias since it is a brainbase production , but I really do think that Akikan is not as bad as others think it is . Despite saying that , I still won’t recommend anyone this series as there are lots of better series with the same genre out there . Inukami is one of them . Never get me in telling you how awesome Inukami is , because , I can only provide a 10000 words essay made up of 10000 elephants.