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3 years has passed , student of Izumizaka High’s flim club is having a gathering at Satsuki’ restaurant. Toujou is unable to made it because she need to collect a novelist award in kyoto. One by one, everyone start to gather . Hiroshi is now the owner of his own production company . Chinami is his first rated celebrities while Komiyama is Chinami’s manager . Manaka has earned an award for his documentary and Satsuki is now a well mannered lady .Misuzu is studying in a university in Kyoto , now the president of the university film club. They exhanged some small talks in the restruant  .

After some conversation , they started to move off to the place where Toujou receive her award . They arrived in a hall and Toujou is giving a speech . Her awarded novel is the secret novel she wrote during her secondary school life . The speech goes off as such “(insert your typical touching and motivational speech like how she does it in her high school graduation ceremony.)” Everyone cheers and the crowd starts to disperse . Toujou went out the hall after that . Outside , she was met with her old firend from high school . Manaka step out first , digging his pocket and presented a ring to Toujou . Toujou is delighted and jump off the steps to hug Manaka tightly .

*Switch the scene to somewhere near the hall , behind a tree.

There , Tsukasa is watching them behind a tree . She has a smile in her face and start to turn and walk off to the direction to the airport .In her heart , she is delighted as Toujou and Manaka is definitely a destined pair where even the largest storm can’t tear apart their affinity .

The End!Now , this is just the basic of the whole structure without any dialouge .But with some imagination , I think that you can at least form some image in your mind for this alteration .I will definitely replace the comic’s ending with mine ending to make myself happy. My ending is the true end for now on , period.Now , I am satisfied.

Too bad that I can’t draw , otherwise , I can add in the dialogue to make everything more interesting