Changing to a new theme because the old theme made short passages look long . All my posts are just lesser than 500 word but they look like some 1000 word essay due to the short width for text from the old theme . So , is it easier to read now or even more difficult than in he past? Or is it that no one read it because it really is just full of words without any picture . OK , I get it , I will try to put in more picture next time . But inserting  picture that can be easily found i\on google is pretty stupid , that’s why I seldom insert any picture .

Kthx bai . Will try to post about my life next time since for some reason , it gets more hit  . Maybe there are more people out there wanting to know what I did at home today more than how I felt about Akikan . I kid , I will rather post how sucky ichigo 100% ending is  than what I did during school today. This blog is for me to vent my fustration after I read ichigo 100% anyway .
PS: Calling bluzes to apply the old banner? I lost it after formating the com . Otherwise ,is there any kind soul out there that have some free time to make our new banner?