Cute Chick first result.

There are 4 phases for a blog .

1st stage : Due to it being your first time experience , there were lots of stuff to be discovered . This result in tons of updates per day because you were excited to speak out everything in your mind. I call this the start up stage. This is like the starting of window , using lots of memory power to boot and load all the running program . That’s why it is always full of energy . But like a computers , the blog won’t run smoothly when it first start up. This result in lots shit post being generated like how lots of shit program runs when your computer boot up . But this shit is like fertilizer , it is the nutrient for your second phase . If you don’t have enough shit , you won’t grow up to the 2nd phase .

2nd Stage: Due to everyday increasing in blogs hit , motivation level is high and ideas keep branching out from one post to another . This phase is like finishing the staring up of a computer , it will sail smoothly and run effectively . At this phase , you will spend hours to edit your post , reviewing it times after times to make it more interesting . I call this the golden age phase, but beware , you may never reach this phase if no one read your blog at the start up phase. Iwicsyi had some golden age time , just that it is not as golden as other blog .
During this phase ,you will be more aware of what you post unlike in the start up phase . This is because ,there are more than enough shit to make you smelly.  That’s why even someone with bad nose can smell the stench . In other words , you know that it is time to improvise in your post and stop those shit from churning out anymore . High chance of great revolutionary post to be generated during this phase

Another cute chick.

Another cute chick.

3rd Stage A:

Due to working too hard in the golden age phase , you got burnt out and stop updating regularly . When this happens , it is like having a virus attack , everything slowed down and will reach an end one day. But due to your accomplishment and great revolutionary post in your golden age phase , you can clinch onto your past glory and get lots of viewer from google search or loyal readers . Your past glory is like a semi malfunction antivirus, you won’t reach your end but not far from it .I call this the old bush phase. Riuva faced this phase during last year December to Febuary. December is their vacation day , that’s why you can’t say that the real life flu got them.

3rd Stage B : Same as above , but your great posts from your golden age phase were not that great hence you won’t get any anitvirus protection . Your blog will continue to degrade and one day , turned into e-waste . IWICSYI is now facing this phase . This phase is call “your shit is not fertilising anymore phase”.

Cute chick

Cute chick.

Revival phase . Riuva got revived after TJ Han published an extensive post about him not being funny anymore . He updated 4 times that day , but the virus that linger during its old bush phase is still not removed . Hence his revival is not 100% successful . He tried his past glory , the “diary” , but like Liverpool , it won’t get back to the 1970 -1990 . Up till day , he is still struggling in his revival phase.

Now IWICSYI is trying to get into the reviving phase .We don’t have any past glory to clinch to , that’s why we can only download shitty free antivirus to fight the lazy bug .  The lazy bug is infectious and is cause by DOTA and facebook . Luckily I don’t play those , that’s why my bug  still have a chance to recover. But pigflu strikes , and that is like too much for the shitty antivirus to handle , that’s why I tried booting linux and change my style of writing all over again .

FYI , the first picture is my waifu and her mouth is my hand .