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Great(?) news , Chuangyi is going to held a comic fest next week from june 1 to june 7 at Kovan heartland mall . I will cry if they sold single volume of slam dunk for $1 because I just bought like 5 first hand volume for $26 . Now , for this fest , I am aiming to buy the whole set of H2 , GetBackers , 20th century boy , dragonball  and Yu Yu Hakusho if there is any . I also need to buy volume 21 to 26 of Yakitate Japan and vol 26 and 27  for Wild Life but that is taiwan version , so I am stating it to remind myself not to spend too much so that I can get hold of those soon . Yes , I finally bought 25 volume of slam dunk for $10 today . Now I am only left with volume 27 to complete the whole set. The so call remastered version of slam dunk is like halted for 1 whole year already. Come on man , chuangyi , what the hell are you doing? So to sign off , my bank account is like left $398 .  My manga collection finally hit over 350 vol . I can’t imagine how the number will grow if I can get a job next time. No one care right? Lol.

Mushishi 10 vols

Welcome to Nhk – 8vols

Bitter Virgin – 1 , reserved 2 to 4

Cross Over – 7vols

Dna^2 -5vols

Hatsukoi Limited -5 vols

Freeman – 9vols

Wild Life – 1-25 , hunting down 26 and 27

Cooking Master boy – 17vols

Angel Densetsu – 15 vols

Rurouni Kenshin – 28 vols

Monster – 18 vols – borrowed

F compo – 14 vols – borrowed

chobit – 8 vols

Kamisama Kaizoku – 5vols -borrowed

Aria+ Aqua – 14 volumes

Midori Day – 8 volumes

Mar + Mar omega – 19 volumes

GTO – china  bootleg , 25 volume compile into 4 volumes

Suzuka – 18 vols – Borrowed

Samurai champloo – 2volumes

Behind Master – 6 volumes

Comic Party – 5 volumes

Kami Kaze – 7 volumes

Kami to sensou – 10 volumes

MO Di – 1 – 13 vols

Flame Of recca 33 volumes

I”s 15 volumes

Ichigo 100% 19 volumes

Some loose volume of dragonball.

Slam dunk 1-31 end

Yakitate Japan 1-26 end

Cromartie High School 1-17end

Grenadier 1-7 end

Over Drive 1-17 end

Kimi no Iru Machi 1-4 ongoing

Honey and Clover 1-10 end

Komorebi no Moto de 1-3 end

Poppoya Love Letter 1 end

Umizaru 1-12 end

Someday dreamer 1-2 end

Someday dreamer spinoff 1-5end

Itsumo Misora 1-5end.

GetBackers – 1-39 end

Whistle 1-24 end

Eden , It’s an endless world 1-18end

Genshiken 1-9 end .


Cross Game entered my top five favourite anime of all time .

Cross Game entered my top five favourite anime of all time .

Now , because Singapore is such a shitty country for sport , 9 out of 10 people don’t frigging know anything about baseball .No doubt here that I am a typical Singaporean that know shit about baseball too because it is ok not to know anything about it and still live life well. However , just so happen , my favourite sport anime are of baseball genre, thanks to Cross Game . Still , the reason for me to learn baseball is not due to it.

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Rabu Rabu

Too too pure boy with too too pure girl KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Too too pure boy with too too pure girl KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Rabu rabu

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss! ( Inb4 White faces comes up.)

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss! ( Inb4 White faces comes up.)

Good end!

Good end!

This is why Hatsukoi limited is awesome , great romance with cute girls and mediocre boy.  Why are you still watching K-on but not Hatsukoi limited? K-on has too much lesbian and siscon vibe for god sake .

Now I am fanboying Hatsukoi Limited totally . KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA RABU RABU!

LOL that just so not like me , hence in return, EIGHT EQUAL D.



K-on story happens in a mixed school right? Ui’s friend did say that one of the jazz club senior is handsome right? The K-on universe is the real universe right? Then why isn’t there a single boy/man inside the whole show? That’s why I got mindfucked.

Inserting image sin your blog helps you earn traffic because there is a higher chance for image in your blog to appear in google image search rather than your blog/post being in google webpage search.

Inserting images in your blog helps you in earning traffic because there is a higher chance for image in your blog to appear in google image search rather than your blog/post being in google webpage search.

Now , let me share with you about the history of iwicsyi and how is it started. I always wanted to try blogging due to the influence of great blog like riuva and darkmirage but lack the motivation to do so because I know that my language and knowledge are not up to standard  . Hence to patch up my flaws , I asked my friends to join in to make a group blog and hope that everything will run well .

So in a whim , I created iwicsyi and do up the whole theme and layout during new years eve. I posted everything that I always wanted to blog about in the first few weeks while all my partners are not being serious about blogging . I don’t blame them because they blog without any motivation or any target in mind , they just do it because it is something fun and fresh , so when it starts to get dull , they quited it all together.  That is the problems with teenage nowadays , they blog because it look fun and all but they get bored of it when they found out that their article or life journal is not being read or not being able to garner any compliments and attention. They are also unable to update regularly because their topic is limited to their own life , hence when nothing interesting happens , there won’t be any updates.

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I am blogging about this because I am in hope that by doing this , you can find our site via google when you search for “haruhi season 2″ and helped me earn lots of hits …… not . Now , I know that haruhi season 2 will never cause that much ruckus and struck everyone with a boom like how season 1 did because everyone have too high an expectation  .

The reason why season 1 is so hype up is because , people went into the anime expecting it to be rubbish , even more so after that mi mi miru ku ru first episode. But to their surprise , they are presented with an intriguing and unique  story about alien ,esper and time traveler. With this big contrast in expectation , the anime striked them as being a masterpiece. Hence , this is the reason why late comer whom only watched Haruhi after 1 or 2 year of its airing find it strange that it is so frigging popular.

Now , everyone know what to expect in Haruhi and hence the contrast in expectation is being nullified , with that , haruhi will just degrade into a decent school life anime with a hint of mystery. At least that is my prediction.

I have a love  hate relation with Haruhi the anime. I hate it that everyone is crying out for season two while I am not anticipating that much. But when it really is out , I am thrilled like a erected penis and thanks god for this amazing present. Maybe I am just not being honest with myself. Maybe I really think that Haruhi is a masterpiece rather than a above decent school life anime. Maybe I will felt in love with moe again thanks to Haruhi . Maybe I am not treating Haruhi as a masterpiece due to the anti herd personality . But now , today , I will clear all doubt and proclaim to the world ” I FUCKING LOVE HARUHI and Aya Hirano is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”

Shit , now we won’t have a weekly new episode due to those new episode being inserted between  the reruns and bundled together in total of 28episode. In other words , there will be 14 new episode for season 2 which means that there will be high chances of a season 3 years later since 14 episode can’t possibly cover the rest of the novel right?

Even though the new episode rekindled my love to Haruhi , Cross game is still the best this season , seconded by Hatsukoi Limited.So , maybe Haruhi will be in the third place. K-on is still meh .

It also seems that Tj Han concur with me  that Hatsukoi Limited is great  .

~The end~


Nagi is from Cromartie High School right?

Nagi is from Cromartie High School right?

The only reason why I am still watching Kannagi now is because Nagi is a delinquent that shave her eyebrow. I like anime with deliquent characters . Otherwise Kannagi is just those type of show whereby it suck if you don’t find its joke funny like how K-on look so normal if you don’t find the girls cute. At least Kannagi made referance to dragonball and have at least one funny joke every episode,  opposed to the 10/10 unfuuny one in  K-on so it is still alright. No characters that look like 12 years old helps too .

I know I am late ,but I will be later when I  jump into the gundam banwagon this june. My resolution now is to complete the first gundam series in 2 weeks but the future look bleak. As  for now , I can’t even start on one episode of Tears to Tiara or Shangri La .


Basquash is an anime whereby  it outrightly and proudly scream SHONEN in your face without any hesitation and that is why it is awesome . It does not make any effort to hide itself as a shonen nor does it afraid of showing hot blooded shonen action unlike Higurashi . It totally scream outrageous and cool retards in your face . Reasons and authorities are totally not applicable , manly spirit is the law that govern the whole universe .

Basquash . It elated your mind , emotion and  dick.

Basquash . It elates your mind , emotion and dick.

Now , who cares that the whole show look like a 24minute of Nike advertisement ! Even if it is advertisement , it is an epic one at that .  It totally show the tengen toppa spirt of kicking reasons to its curb . It also out rightly show you boobs and fan services without any reservation . It combined the every gems of a shonen series ; sport , hot bloodiness , retard male character , big boobs , fast paced action , ridiculous , mecha , childhood friend , big balls , big shoe, short kid , loli , DFC , crazy guy , arch nemesis , evil cooperation , stylish boss , genius scientist that love big balls , sidekick , upbeat opening , manly speech , destroying building like no body care , outer space , alien and finally lots of legend being made !


With that , I am quite surprise that narutard and bleachtard didn’t watch Basqasuh . Basquash just look so mainstream , I am  surprised that it is so underrated .  People think that it is ridiculous but at least the anime doesn’t try to hide its own ridiculousness , it even try to show you more unbelievable stunts.  This out right honesty touches my heart and teases my feeling . It is just so frigging exciting and enjoyable , I am like watching mecha porn . So everyone , please don’t watch this anime and continue your whinning on Mio’s panties because you don’t have great taste like me.

People are racist , they think that black girl shouldn't be in an anime . But the irony here is that the name Miyuki is the only Japanese name in the whole anime , other than her grandpa.

People are racist , they think that black girl shouldn't be in an anime . But the irony here is that the name Miyuki is the only Japanese name in the whole anime , other than her grandpa.

I am lost of words to describe its awesome level .


Now as we all know , summer and winter are the filler season . In other words , you will only get 1 to 3 great anime out of 30 . So let start off by choosing what I will be following in summer. Bold one is those that I will most likely follow.

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Oh god , kyoani you shit douchebag , we want Mio’s panties , we want Mio’s panties , we want Mio’s panties!!!! Now that’s the poison that linger almost everywhere when k-on episode 6 is concerned . This shows us how a shimapan  can defeat huge giggling boobs in basquash and create such a ruckus . Is panties really that important ? If it is so , I got a lot of it in Rosario for you .

This is why moe fanbase is retarded , they cried and whine because they did not see any panties , now do you see us manly man whine and cry about roy focker dieing? No , because manly man treat sacrificing as a honor while hating panties because it get in our way . We , manly man don’t want panties , we want what is covered by the panties , that’s why panties is evil , it is either you don’t let me see it or if I see it I must rip it .

So all in all , sissy moe boy , please don’t cry if you can’t see mio panties , here is a picture for you.


Now thanks your big brother here in iwicsyi whole heartly .


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