Now I don't mind doing Neiro even though she look like someone drawn by a kindergarten kid .

Now I don't mind doing Neiro even though she look like someone drawn by a kindergarten kid .

Now , Kaiba is a visually stunning series about journey to the west whereby west means love and memories . But like every mindfuck anime out there , you will used half of the time to link those fragments together rather than enjoying the show .  Yes it is visually stunning . Yes the storyline is unique . Yes the art is great . Yes the ost is beautiful but you see , the story is so confusing sometimes , I found myself pausing and re-winding the whole series to grasp what it’s trying to convey . That of course causes the momentum to be disrupted .

Now , I blame that to my own stupidity because I can’t comprehend mindfuck storyline well at one go . It is like I need to read the whole of wikipedia to finally understand part and parcel of Evangelion, otherwise , I don’t really know what the heck is happening in that series .

I think I am really stupid , I get bother by stupid question like how Kaiba suddenly know Hyo-Hyo’s  and Neiro’s name, isn’t he suppose to forget everything? Also , I don’t understand why Vanilla did not notice that the hippo is the stowaway he is pursuing when he saw him during episode 3.  Not only this , didn’t Fal like stand on the ship during episode 1 , so where did it go during episode 2?

Some other questions are how in the world did Vanilla transfer Kaiba to planet Lala? He is like placed Kaiba’s and his mom chip into the ship and jigaboom , the ship crushed and form some firework while Kaiba magically appear above Lala(no mistake here) .

On episode 8 , when Neiro want to kiss Popo , she said something about “As if you have a chip on you” , why did she say that? Also , why did Popo push her away?  During the last episode , Kaiba’s mom gave Kaiba poison so that he won’t be caught up in a political war? Err huh , really?   That’s is just some of my question , there are lots more like how did Hyo Hyo suddenly appears beside Kaiba but let us not get into that . Due to these questions and me being lazy to deconstruct it , I didn’t enjoy Kaiba as much as I suppose to be .

Regardless ,I must say that Kaiba is an interesting series with a good setting . The setting created a whole new universe for us , viewers to explore . You don’t know what to expect because the whole surrounding are full of unfamiliar stuff that helps enrich the whole universe of Kaiba.

Short stories that is of no relevance to the main plot are pretty touching too . For once , I thought that episode 3 , 4, 5 ,6 and 7 are more captivating than the main plot . On the other hand , the main plot is just one big mess whereby you don’t know who’s who when they call out each others name . Like when they suddenly call out “Kichi” during on the later part of the series , I am there dumbfounded , thinking who the fuck is Kichi . If I didn’t remember wrongly , I think that Kichi’s name had been mentioned one during episode 1. But you see , who the fuck will notice and remember that? For one ,I can’t remember it even when I marathon it , I don’t think anyone that follow it weekly will do as well.

In conclusion , I don’t find Kaiba as enjoyable as it should be but that is my problem , I guess . Also , does the visual effect had anything to do with the story itself? I can’t remember it well .