Blogging made my picture folder exceeded 30gbs!!

Blogging made my picture folder exceeded 30gbs!!

Note: Blogging here doesn’t only includes writing your post on your blog but also reading up others blog .

The normal word count for a single blog post is within the range of 500 to 1200 words. If you translate that into a proposal , it will take up about 3 to 4 pages of word document when using font 12 . Now , if you blog regularly , doing a 500 or even a thousand words essay or report isn’t difficult anymore since you do it like everyday . Also , do make your post more interesting or clear , you will try to use different expression and borden your vocabulary to convey your idea using the best word you can find. This increase in the amount of words you could use for your proposal . When you write editorial post , your tone and word use will be formal and that gave you more practice in formal writing .

I don’t know about bloggers but wordpress did expose me to what I am learning now . I get to see the tip of the iceberg on topic like css and html through wordpress. Hence when I am taught about ideas lingering on those topic , I have already experience some of it and how it works . WordPress also teaches me about servers and domain name which again happens to be in my module . Now , my english is improving day by day thanks to regular blogging . For your information , I can’t even construct a sentence just one year ago . All the expression I know of are something along the line of “happy” , “sad” , “angry” and “jibai” Now , I can simply churn out more profound words like ” escalating” , “rueful” ,”infuriated” and “vagina”.

Blogging is like a vessel that contains lots of channel within.

Blogging is like a vessel that contains lots of channel within.

Sometimes , I present my editorial or reviews using sub heading and point form . This really helps in categorising your project write up and make your whole proposal easier to navigate. Not to mention , I also source out logical support in every point I made and that helps to elaborate more on the point in your project. Eg: You can branch out tons of relevance point just from a single word, “advertisement”. Now my only problems is grammar . You have spell check to check your spelling , thesaurus to make your post sound more sophisticated via more profound words , but absolutely nothing to check your grammar ! Of course , my writeup shows more unity and flows better than when I first started out . However , it is still full of flaws and grammar mistake made by primary school student.

I believe that through more practice , I can minimize more grammar flaws like how I am more aware on grammar nowadays , even though I still make silly mistake .

Now , I suppose you can't fin this picture using google image search . I have upgraded my source for images!!

Now , I suppose you can't find this picture using google image search . I have upgraded my source for images!!

Blogging also expose me to lots of features like rss feed , trackback , tags , aggregator , hyperlinks , widgets , embedding videos and many many more . Those , surprisingly , are of relevance to the module that I am studying too. Due to me experiencing those features before , I understand more on those feature than student that read those off via lecture notes that is pathetically simplified.

Furthermore , you will learn extensively about public relation and communication skill due to replying to comments on blogs . You really need great comprehension skills to answer thoughtful replies back to comments. Moreover , you will know what are weak arguments and idiotic criticisms because you read 100 of those everyday in blogs.

Last but not least , blogging allows you to speak up your mind hence resulting in having your own say rather than being a follower all the times.

* The point above is only applicable to bloggers that don’t write lke tis leh you know you knnbcbb lj lj lj fuck fuk bj blowjob , m3 bf huh , 2day ps me and i feel like buoy on sea cannot sink down like that .