Oh god , kyoani you shit douchebag , we want Mio’s panties , we want Mio’s panties , we want Mio’s panties!!!! Now that’s the poison that linger almost everywhere when k-on episode 6 is concerned . This shows us how a shimapan  can defeat huge giggling boobs in basquash and create such a ruckus . Is panties really that important ? If it is so , I got a lot of it in Rosario for you .

This is why moe fanbase is retarded , they cried and whine because they did not see any panties , now do you see us manly man whine and cry about roy focker dieing? No , because manly man treat sacrificing as a honor while hating panties because it get in our way . We , manly man don’t want panties , we want what is covered by the panties , that’s why panties is evil , it is either you don’t let me see it or if I see it I must rip it .

So all in all , sissy moe boy , please don’t cry if you can’t see mio panties , here is a picture for you.


Now thanks your big brother here in iwicsyi whole heartly .