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Due to the H1N1 case , our school is delaying the opening of class by one week while training us in doing e-learning . I must said that this is a pro active and commendable measure – if and only if their elearning material is of any use .No , no ,no , don’t get the wrong idea here, I am not complaining about how useless the elearning is even though it is true but actually more on human nature .

When I first heard the news of extension of holiday , my first reaction is of course to rejoice . Having more holiday is always a great thing right? But today , when I think back to it , I am quite disgusted by my own selfishness . I forgot the fact that mine holiday is build upon corpse and suffering . Yes , I did get my desirable holiday , but in exchange of that , it means that the H1N1 case is getting so serious , measure such as elearn need to be implemented . Is that really something we should be happy about? Just that it doesn’t affect us , should we really be happily enjoying our extended holiday while people are suffering from H1N1? While we are happy and wishes for more holidays , it actually show disrespect to patient because we indirectly hope that they suffer more so that we can get our fun . Have anyone else thought of that?

You may said that I am stretching it too far or thinking too much but in a sense , if you have not thought of this , it just show how selfish you are. It also show that we human does only cared about ourselves . When we are in joyous occasion , we forgot about others . We only seek our own fun and doesn’t really leave space for others .

That’s why it is safe to conclude that the nature of human is not evil , it’s apathy , and it is this apathy that causes us human to become ugly . We don’t really do evil acts , we just didn’t spare thoughts to the others and think that our act will not affect them much .

Of course there are people that attained nirvana and always put others before themselves , but seriously , are you one of them?



Seriously , if the tv series is like the ova , everything will be better . Also , Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka( more like akane ero now amirite?) should just be a super robot parody of Godannar like in the last few minute of the ova and maybe they will get better result than now .

In conclusion , just skip all the episode of akane iro ni somaru saka and watch the ova , it is pure guilty pleasure and mindless fun . I did actually laugh at some part and that really surprises me .It also reminds me on why I like stupid show like Kanokon .
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JX and YH , you all like romantic drama with a hindsight of comedy right? Then stop anything you are doing now and just frigging watch Hatsukoi Limited for god sake . It is the best of the season after cross game ! I don’t know how to describe its awesomeness  and only can tell you that it is damn good lah ! Go watch it .

Really , JC Staff do know how to make their romance right . They are like the king of romance series now , I will definitely watch any romance series animated by them next time round . Purely masterpiece. Also Mizuki Kawashita , fuck your ichigo 100% , you should draw more stuff like Hatsukoi Limited for god sake , I will be anticipating your Anedoki even it though it promises wincest siscon LOL material though. Otherwise just be a freelance artist and help Kouji Seo to break away from his Suzuka , Honoka and Yamato characters design . Of course I am just kidding there.

Seriously , I can bet that almost 70% of the anime viewers didn’t know what it is about but fret not , because until today , I never knew such a series exist too.

Today , while browsing through some articles in wikipedia , I found this series winning one of the tokyo anime award . Being curious of what it is , I did a little research  and found out that the story is pretty interesting so I gave it a try . What greeted me first is surprisingly a backstreet boy song . Woah , frigging amazed that some pop male band actually lend their voice for an anime . This isn’t  eden of the east you know?

The story is about a boy meeting an accident and gain the ability to help ghost . I know it sound cliche but seriously , what other anime have such a storyline except for Yu Yu Hakusho and Natsume Yuujinchou ? Actually the whole premise is just like the first 2 volume of Yu Yu Hakusho , spending times to help up poor spirit to be freed of worries while some melodrama is being implemented along the way. I for one love this kind of slice of life genre and such story . Such premise can promise you full of interesting ways and story to follow by while showing some simple moral values and truth of humanity .

The characters are pretty realistic too because they have the personality of a real person . Which means that there isn’t any tsundere or wimpy harem male lead or retarded shonen hero , ok the main hero is retarded alright but his personality is just the same as a real life mischievous boy , not some wannabe orange ninja .

The animation is pretty interesting  because of the character’s facial expression whereby half the time , they are either having mucus drooling down their nose or having weird expression. The directing felt like a film similar to “Now and then , Here and There.”

With that , we should just let the picture do the rest of the talking.


Never had I seen mucus being animated so nicely .

Mischievous boy is cute in anime but fucking irritating in real life

Mischevious boy is cute in anime but fucking irritating in real life.

LOL , that's a penis alright .

LOL , that's a penis alright .

So why aren’t you watching it now? I know my review is sucky and doesn’t serve much purpose but really , the more awesome the stuff is , the lesser description I can think of . For lousy stuff , that is another matter all together.

Yes , you can find the word , sexist in ”series exist”

Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

LOL ! Most bloggers that did episodic summary have this certain guideline for rating anime that no one care . So to follow the trend , I must do it too !

How I rate my anime

BBQ awesome-  Bleach , Death Note , D-gray man , Hitman reborn and  Code Geass.

Those are my top 5 anime .

Decent- K-on, Rosario to vampire , K-on, to love ru and one piece .

I like Naruto but bleach pawn it ass anytime!  BANKAI!! Bleach is fucking touching. I wrote K-on two times because I caught an attraction to it since episode 1 and I have high reason .

Above average – All the gundam!! I like freedom gundam and Kira Yamato because his name rhymes with my favourite JAV, Kirara Asuka.

MACROSS SUCKS ASS  because fighter jet is ugly ,  not like my awesomely wonderful gundam that help me stimulate my penis every night.

Mediocre – Kurenai , Seirei Moribito , Kaiba  , Sexy commando Gaiden, Lain and FLCL .

All these are ok , but they are not as touching as bleach , so they are meh! I love shinigami .

Suckage – Planetes , kanon 2006 , KGNE , TTGL , Cromartie High School , Ef – a tale of memories , Oofuri and Cross Game.

All these anime is meh , I watched 1 second of it and close my window directly and get back to watching my gundam so that I can fap to those machine.

For manga , I follow the same guideline , the only difference is that I have the BEST category , thanks to our almighty moe moe loving awesome bbq with so much adjective to describe it , “Saving Life”.

Other epic manga are the like of pokemon and Dear, not that DearS Dear but that Dear Dear.

Now I am a cool blogger.

Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my  pacifer . No , I am not wrong here , I really did not make a typo on useful.

Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my pacifier and look scary.

Oh , I heard you screamed late like a bastard there !

Yea , I do admit that I am frigging late because YYH is like over 100 years old now .Regardless , being a 100 years old manga , you will definitely expect YYH to use  shonen formula that shout out cliche  but! Surprisingly , they really do use those without any hesitation . Some times , the power level and sudden revival is just so absurd , you will think that Dragonball is a non fiction . Really , if you  do read the manga , the power level does does not make any sense and the revival is so lame like lol , fan don’t want this character to die so I must make him/her alive and just give a forceful reason for the revival .You know , even the revival in dragonball makes more sense than those stupid one in YYH and that really tell you a lot .

The story also divert away from its origin . From what I see , in the first place, the author wants to create a episodic story about chasing spirit while while using interesting technique to accomplish the mission. Along the way , heart warming drama and morale value are implemented .   But due to popular demand or whatever not , he decided to just made the series into a hot blooded tournament base fighting comedy . I did not say that this is bad but I really think that the author doesn’t  want the story to end up this way . That’s why in the end , he just decided to end the last tournament prematurely and dedicate the last few chapter to something like what he first planned.All in all , not matter which path he choose to go , it will be the same YYH that define badass.
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Since like 16 weeks ago , even before cross game is aired , I started to hunt down the manga  ,”Touch”  by Adachi. I toured around everywhere , creating havoc to  every shelf of manga that is in sight , but every time, without fail , I am greeted with disappointment . I did a check around a rental shop and found out that the last reprint date is 1987 and that devastated my anticipation . I switch my target to the internet but after 1000 times of googling , I failed to even find one possible seller.

I decided that this friday ,I will embark a journey around Singapore , in hope that I could finally find a set of it . With that , I have prepared two huge water bottle , one map , one military bag , one Dakimura , one Vf25 plamo , ez-link card with $100 inside and my Buddha amulet . Before embarking on the journey , I will chant the Da Bei zhou for 100 times in wish that it could bless my journey.

I don’t know where to start , I don’t know where to go , but I believe that I believe in the me who believe in the me . I think that I will start with Bras Pasar in bugis because bugis  sound like some obsolete village , that’s why there is a high chance to find obsolete manga there. After that ,I will most likely despair and go home while thinking of how to spell wangyou site name so that I could read the manga online.

If anyone know of anywhere where they have the fullset of touch made available in Singapore , please comment here .If you are so kind to help me import it from Taiwan or Honkong if it is ever possible , then leave a comment too.

now and then here and there

After watching the first episode of Now and Then , Here and  There , I  found the art and beauty of directing .  The plot of it is interesting per se but what really captivate you is the unique way of how it convey the story . It is totally like watching a movie rather than an tv series ! The scenery , the every action of the characters , they way the story is planned up , it just want you to hunger for more . It is really skillful directing I must said , it made the anime not only an anime but a masterpiece film . It spelled creativeness in all the frame and shoot . Even someone like me that never took up any course in filming know that it is fantastic !  The last scene in episode one is totally breath taking as well , the zooming out just made everything spelled huge and epic production.Not to mention , the ost is totally like epic movie type of ost .  The closest comparison I could find for all those aspect is any of the Ghilbi’s movie .

Now you must know what I am going to say about Gonzo right? Actually , from what I see , for the case of Shangri La , Gonzo didn’t failed in the story , ost , character design , character depth and  animation department . What they totally failed at is their poor directing .  The way the story is conveyed is totally boring and felt uneventful even if there are lots of things happening . The way the story is build up is just lackluster and doesn’t make you feel like wanting to know what will happen next. If you haven’t notice yet , Gonzo is just a decoy for me to continue writing about my view on directing.
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Planetes , an aspirational tale that turns ugly but blessed by the power of LOVE!
惑星奇航 :爱能挽救期望的丑化!

I really can’t write poetry .


The opposite of love is not hate , it's apathy . That's is being said by Cheng Shin that bastard , not our beloved Tanabe Ai.

For some reason , you can’t find any great picture of Tanabe Ai in anywhere . There are some PORN picture of her lying around the internet though and I totally raged at it , not under the pants of course. How can you think of wanting the fibromuscular tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in female placental mammals of our beloved Tanabe Ai with skin so fair and breast so small . Her tenderness , her glossy lips , her sexy short hair ,her baby fat cheeks and her tasty crotch that is filled with dirty yet sensational smell due to pampers wearing. How can you carved for those and drew them down so well ? Fucking pervert . No wonder Hakim wants to kill you.

tanabe ai

I am thinking now , thinking so hard that I am writing out what I think . I think I am thinking . I think I am writing out the process of me thinking . I am thinking.
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