I went down to kovan today with much anticipation , but I am very disappointed when I saw the small scale event. There are some treasure here and there like Masion Ikkou and New Orange Road but they aren’t any full set of those . The new book is disappointing because as we all know , Chuangyi newest release is actually very limited. A few great deal are the like of pluto and 20th century where you can get 3 volumes for 9.90. But I know that the publishing of pluto will be slow and 20th century boy is like almost out of stock every where  , getting the first 3 volume won’t be of much help .

Now ,the only good thing about the event is the great sale of oldie comics that rust , literally rust . I bought Hojo Tsukasa’s Komorebi no Shita de ,  Nagayasu Takumi’s Poppoya-Love letter , Adachi’s Itsumo Misora and Umizaru . If you know any of the above comic , than you must be pro , cause I myself don’t really know what the hack those are. But I know I can’t go wrong with Adachi and Hojo right? Umizaru is being raved by Tj Han so nothing should be going wrong for that one too . For Poppoya , don’t worry about that , because that is one of the best comic that I have  bought in my life!!!!! I cried a few time throughout the whole reading session , it is really a great touching story.

I am glad that they aren’t any other more series I want to get hold of , otherwise I will wonder where to place all my comic. To sign off , I advice you not to waste your time going there because you will most likely not get what you want , unless you want rusting Poppoya.