I don’t want to use this meme but it really is over 9000 thanks to dragonball.10000Don’t look at the tab bar please , it contains explicit content.

Considering that I upped my own view by 100 on the second day of our blog , we have not reached 10000 genuinely . But considering the fact that I am not in any aggregator and my blog isn’t read by my friends , daily view of 50 to 100 is really a feat .

Thanks everyone for clicking pikachu picture that will led to our dragonball post, without you all , this blog will be dead since there isn’t any more updates nowadays . I always wanted to blog about ”  when money matters is concern for anime , it look like something evil more than other industry” but it fell short every time . Another reason why I am not blogging because I watched too much anime and manga nowadays. I always thought that the more you watch , the more thing you can write but I am wrong , it seems like the more you watch , the lesser idea are generated or should I say that there are too much description to describe , you can’t find something to start .

My friend asked me to blog about my daily life so let’s start from here. Today I slept for 16hr and went to class from 5 to 8 . After that , I went home and eat dinner .That’s all , my life is full of joyus moment so much so that I can end it with two sentence , be awe by my active life please.

Finally , to give a conventional ending for a emo teenager life journal , I will like to say that I love you ! I wished that I  have a formula to calculate my love for you. I missed you so much , I want to look at you now . Love is made for you and me. I wonder if the feeling will get stronger if I see you again . Only if time can be stop now 190708 Love you baby . Emo , depressed , slit wrist .

8====D~~~~|    –    _     –      |<-fat bastard are meant for wee wee because he eat children.