I have great taste not matter what . Even though I think kanokon and grenadier is pretty decent , I still have great taste . This is a fact that no amount of negative energy can change . When I say that a series is going to be great , it will be great . When I say that something is frigging good , it will be frigging good . Why? Because I am good that’s why .

But  when I recommend an anime series to my friend , they don’t really watch it . Then for some dubious reason , 10 years later , they will watch it because they saw some youtube video or whatever not . After that , they will treat it like they found that series awesomeness themselves when the fact is that , 10 years ago , I already told them that those series are good and they shouldn’t  frigging waste their time to watch K-on and goshosama ninomiya kun.

People nowadays should be opened minded and accept recommendation .  I am saying this because I am seeing a trend of people not taking any recommendation seriously and is stubborn in wanting to watch shit show.  Sometime it is just a pain in the ass because they are actually thinking that those shit show were great . They also think their taste is wonderful but when you look at their favourite anime , they have lol wut stuff like bleach , skip beat , gundam seed DESTINY and K-on . Now , I am not saying those series are bad or what , but really , if they are exposed to series with greater values , they will know that those series aren’t as awesome as they think.It’s just like kanokon will never make it into anyone top anime and if it really do , it is not the matter of to each of its own already . It will be more like the person have serious problems with his taste.

Unless like say kanokon or naruto is the main pushing force for you to immerse yourself in the anime fandom , then that is some reason to treat them as your favorite anime . Like how I still think Haruka Suzumiya is the best female lead in the world because KGNE is the main pushing force for me to love romance series. (Haruka Suzumiya’s poison still lingers now , that’s why you will see me liking girls like Ayu , Ranka Lee and Tsukasa from LS even though all of them are retards and pure nuisances.)

Another problem I found is that people are not being honest with their preference . One example is that they always say that they love deep and philosophic series but when you look at their list of anime , you found stuff like Azumanga daioh , Lucky star , Pretty cure and Shugo Chara for some reason . Then being kind , you will try to recommend stuff like lain , GITS , Kaiba , Monster and Evangelion  to them, but don’t doubt it , they will turn a deaf ear to you and continue watching stuff like K-on . Same goes with comedy . They think that cute girl doing cute things is funny but frigging awesome of totally weirdness comedy like Cromartie High School and Tengen Toppa is meh .

The stuff mentioned above happens around me lots of time and I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry . I am always raving about how GTO and Onanai Master Kurosawa are fucking awesome and how people should start buying manga like 20th century boys but everyone just don’t really care and continue wasting their money on  pokemon , saving life and Nanoha .  Yes , that makes them happy , but little to they know , if they use those money to buy a better manga , they will be happier .Same goes in choosing anime , yes , it make people happy that they make a choice themselves , but little to they know , they are missing out on a lot .

Also, when you choose a show to watch , even if it is shitty , you won’t criticise on it because if you did that , you are criticising your own taste as well right? That’s the biggest reason why a lot of people think shit show is great.  But never mind , everyone is a noob when they first started , I am like that in the past as well . I choose to watch show like Kanokon , Akane iro , goshosama ninomiya kun and Grenadier on my own accord too . But don’t worry , I watch it while knowing that they are actually quite shitty and finish it just to get more exposure of how anime can turn out to be . Finally yes , I still think that Akikan , Grenadier and Kanokon is above average because of guilty pleasure like why people thinks that Queens Blade is interesting .

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