now and then here and there

After watching the first episode of Now and Then , Here and  There , I  found the art and beauty of directing .  The plot of it is interesting per se but what really captivate you is the unique way of how it convey the story . It is totally like watching a movie rather than an tv series ! The scenery , the every action of the characters , they way the story is planned up , it just want you to hunger for more . It is really skillful directing I must said , it made the anime not only an anime but a masterpiece film . It spelled creativeness in all the frame and shoot . Even someone like me that never took up any course in filming know that it is fantastic !  The last scene in episode one is totally breath taking as well , the zooming out just made everything spelled huge and epic production.Not to mention , the ost is totally like epic movie type of ost .  The closest comparison I could find for all those aspect is any of the Ghilbi’s movie .

Now you must know what I am going to say about Gonzo right? Actually , from what I see , for the case of Shangri La , Gonzo didn’t failed in the story , ost , character design , character depth and  animation department . What they totally failed at is their poor directing .  The way the story is conveyed is totally boring and felt uneventful even if there are lots of things happening . The way the story is build up is just lackluster and doesn’t make you feel like wanting to know what will happen next. If you haven’t notice yet , Gonzo is just a decoy for me to continue writing about my view on directing.

People think that great animation is equal to great directing but  for me , I personally feel that animation is just one small part of directing , not the most important aspect for sure. Take cross game and other old series for example . They don’t have Kyo-ani type of animation but their story stayed interesting still because of their great directing .Some aspect of great directing from show like SDF macross and Cross Game is the good use of ost , the well planned flow of the story and the way it create suspense for the viewers.

In other words ,for laymen like me , great directing means the story flows well and captivate the audience . An analogy of great directing  is like a mildly interesting story can be made into a beautiful written essay due to skillful use of sentence structure and the interesting flow of the story while bad directing is like a creative essay that is filled with so many grammar mistake , it doesn’t convey its true essence or even making any sense.

To reinforce my belief that great anime does not mean great direction , take Munto for example . The animation is top notched of course but what about the story?I must said that it is pretty interesting due to its setting and characters but still , it failed badly due to poor directing that goes no where . It does not have any interesting shot or even a flow that helps to attract the viewers . That’s why Munto suck .

The main purpose of this post is of course to motivate you to watch Now and then , Here and There . So you can just ignore everything after the first paragraph . To end off , Akitaro Daichi is a genius.