Planetes , an aspirational tale that turns ugly but blessed by the power of LOVE!
惑星奇航 :爱能挽救期望的丑化!

I really can’t write poetry .


The opposite of love is not hate , it's apathy . That's is being said by Cheng Shin that bastard , not our beloved Tanabe Ai.

For some reason , you can’t find any great picture of Tanabe Ai in anywhere . There are some PORN picture of her lying around the internet though and I totally raged at it , not under the pants of course. How can you think of wanting the fibromuscular tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in female placental mammals of our beloved Tanabe Ai with skin so fair and breast so small . Her tenderness , her glossy lips , her sexy short hair ,her baby fat cheeks and her tasty crotch that is filled with dirty yet sensational smell due to pampers wearing. How can you carved for those and drew them down so well ? Fucking pervert . No wonder Hakim wants to kill you.

tanabe ai