Since like 16 weeks ago , even before cross game is aired , I started to hunt down the manga  ,”Touch”  by Adachi. I toured around everywhere , creating havoc to  every shelf of manga that is in sight , but every time, without fail , I am greeted with disappointment . I did a check around a rental shop and found out that the last reprint date is 1987 and that devastated my anticipation . I switch my target to the internet but after 1000 times of googling , I failed to even find one possible seller.

I decided that this friday ,I will embark a journey around Singapore , in hope that I could finally find a set of it . With that , I have prepared two huge water bottle , one map , one military bag , one Dakimura , one Vf25 plamo , ez-link card with $100 inside and my Buddha amulet . Before embarking on the journey , I will chant the Da Bei zhou for 100 times in wish that it could bless my journey.

I don’t know where to start , I don’t know where to go , but I believe that I believe in the me who believe in the me . I think that I will start with Bras Pasar in bugis because bugis  sound like some obsolete village , that’s why there is a high chance to find obsolete manga there. After that ,I will most likely despair and go home while thinking of how to spell wangyou site name so that I could read the manga online.

If anyone know of anywhere where they have the fullset of touch made available in Singapore , please comment here .If you are so kind to help me import it from Taiwan or Honkong if it is ever possible , then leave a comment too.