Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my  pacifer . No , I am not wrong here , I really did not make a typo on useful.

Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my pacifier and look scary.

Oh , I heard you screamed late like a bastard there !

Yea , I do admit that I am frigging late because YYH is like over 100 years old now .Regardless , being a 100 years old manga , you will definitely expect YYH to use  shonen formula that shout out cliche  but! Surprisingly , they really do use those without any hesitation . Some times , the power level and sudden revival is just so absurd , you will think that Dragonball is a non fiction . Really , if you  do read the manga , the power level does does not make any sense and the revival is so lame like lol , fan don’t want this character to die so I must make him/her alive and just give a forceful reason for the revival .You know , even the revival in dragonball makes more sense than those stupid one in YYH and that really tell you a lot .

The story also divert away from its origin . From what I see , in the first place, the author wants to create a episodic story about chasing spirit while while using interesting technique to accomplish the mission. Along the way , heart warming drama and morale value are implemented .   But due to popular demand or whatever not , he decided to just made the series into a hot blooded tournament base fighting comedy . I did not say that this is bad but I really think that the author doesn’t  want the story to end up this way . That’s why in the end , he just decided to end the last tournament prematurely and dedicate the last few chapter to something like what he first planned.All in all , not matter which path he choose to go , it will be the same YYH that define badass.

YYH  defines badass shonen really well . You have Hiei , the cold blooded Vegeta badass . Kuruma , the smart ass pretty boy badass.  Kazuma the underdog comedian badass and finally , Yusuke the kick reason to curb badass. Those character really build up the core foundation for future shonen series pretty well . So if Dragonball is the ancestor of shonen , Yu Yu hakusho will be  its descendant that enforce more substance to the foundation . Thanks(?) to this two series , we have more and better shonen  like one piece and bleach(LOL) nowadays.

I am so badass , I am having hot gay sex with myself.

I am so badass , I am having hot gay sex with myself.

Being badass however is  both the strength and weakness of YYH . The strength is of course being badass. Who in the hell doesn’t like badass series? But the flaw is also due to its badassness . During the mid series , YYH does not have any tactical approach fighting(which is what made it good) anymore and just dwell in how badass everything can be. Sometimes , the main character is so over the top , all the supposedly last boss  look so fucking weak from the start . It is like those bosses don’t  give you the sense of unbeatable or what not , hence you won’t have the joy when our hero beat their ass out .One example is Hiei final move , the move is so powerful , it looks like it can easily pawn lameass skill like enhancing your muscle to over 9000% or kicking spirit soccer balls . But surprisingly , it don’t.That’s why I think that Yu Yu Hakusho is not as good as its supposedly carbon copy , Flame Of Recca. At least Flame of Recca have enemy that really look strong and unbeatable.

I am badass , I can enhance my muscle to over 9000% . I am badss.

I am badass , I can enhance my muscle to over 9000% . I am badass.

You will know what I am saying if you read the manga but please never get the idea of me hating or bashing this manga. First , I don’t read manga  for logic . Second , I don’t mind flaws and impossible scenario . Third , I really enjoy YYH even though it is just another piece of typical shonen action crap. It is formulaic alright , but at least it is a formula that never get old . To be frank , YYH is just another carbon copy of Dragonball with different theme implemented but still , I love dragonball , that’s why I love YYH too .

To digress a bit , I don’t really understand the bashing of dragonball because surprisingly , no one bashed YYH even though they are 75% similar. This might be due to the different level of popularity with dragonball being the more popular one so that more people watched it and bash the hell out of it while YYH is being ignore because people don’t really know what is it.If that is the case , then that will show you how much people love dragonball as the opposite of love is not hate , it’s apathy .

To conclude , I will like to say that even though I really enjoyed YYH and gave it a 8/ 10 , I won’t recommend it to anyone like how I won’t recommend dragonball . There are just so many flaws that anyone with half a brain can bash it like a poor raped loli. But when you try to see logic and reason in a Shonen manga , we can already conclude that you don’t have a brain .