Seriously , I can bet that almost 70% of the anime viewers didn’t know what it is about but fret not , because until today , I never knew such a series exist too.

Today , while browsing through some articles in wikipedia , I found this series winning one of the tokyo anime award . Being curious of what it is , I did a little research  and found out that the story is pretty interesting so I gave it a try . What greeted me first is surprisingly a backstreet boy song . Woah , frigging amazed that some pop male band actually lend their voice for an anime . This isn’t  eden of the east you know?

The story is about a boy meeting an accident and gain the ability to help ghost . I know it sound cliche but seriously , what other anime have such a storyline except for Yu Yu Hakusho and Natsume Yuujinchou ? Actually the whole premise is just like the first 2 volume of Yu Yu Hakusho , spending times to help up poor spirit to be freed of worries while some melodrama is being implemented along the way. I for one love this kind of slice of life genre and such story . Such premise can promise you full of interesting ways and story to follow by while showing some simple moral values and truth of humanity .

The characters are pretty realistic too because they have the personality of a real person . Which means that there isn’t any tsundere or wimpy harem male lead or retarded shonen hero , ok the main hero is retarded alright but his personality is just the same as a real life mischievous boy , not some wannabe orange ninja .

The animation is pretty interesting  because of the character’s facial expression whereby half the time , they are either having mucus drooling down their nose or having weird expression. The directing felt like a film similar to “Now and then , Here and There.”

With that , we should just let the picture do the rest of the talking.


Never had I seen mucus being animated so nicely .

Mischievous boy is cute in anime but fucking irritating in real life

Mischevious boy is cute in anime but fucking irritating in real life.

LOL , that's a penis alright .

LOL , that's a penis alright .

So why aren’t you watching it now? I know my review is sucky and doesn’t serve much purpose but really , the more awesome the stuff is , the lesser description I can think of . For lousy stuff , that is another matter all together.

Yes , you can find the word , sexist in ”series exist”