JX and YH , you all like romantic drama with a hindsight of comedy right? Then stop anything you are doing now and just frigging watch Hatsukoi Limited for god sake . It is the best of the season after cross game ! I don’t know how to describe its awesomeness  and only can tell you that it is damn good lah ! Go watch it .

Really , JC Staff do know how to make their romance right . They are like the king of romance series now , I will definitely watch any romance series animated by them next time round . Purely masterpiece. Also Mizuki Kawashita , fuck your ichigo 100% , you should draw more stuff like Hatsukoi Limited for god sake , I will be anticipating your Anedoki even it though it promises wincest siscon LOL material though. Otherwise just be a freelance artist and help Kouji Seo to break away from his Suzuka , Honoka and Yamato characters design . Of course I am just kidding there.