Seriously , if the tv series is like the ova , everything will be better . Also , Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka( more like akane ero now amirite?) should just be a super robot parody of Godannar like in the last few minute of the ova and maybe they will get better result than now .

In conclusion , just skip all the episode of akane iro ni somaru saka and watch the ova , it is pure guilty pleasure and mindless fun . I did actually laugh at some part and that really surprises me .It also reminds me on why I like stupid show like Kanokon .

Generic harem should be as outrageous as it can be.

Be as open as you can in your jokes and in showing nipple!

Generic romantic comedy

I think that  generic romantic comedy harem like akasaka should just stick to outrageous mindless action and random encounter if they can’t do the drama aspect well . Cut away those emo confession and internal struggle . Cut away those serious business for the last few episode and remember that they are called romantic comedy for god sake , not tear jerking epic romance . Romantic comedy harem should just stick to the job of arousing you and be some borderline hentai while supply random yet funny jokes because no one really care about the story.

Even though I said  that , if you can create great drama that people care like Kamisama Kaizoku or Hatsukoi Limited , please do so. But if you failed like Akasaka ,then please do take the Akasaka’s ova route


The ova is also a testament on how good and funny Marina Inoue is , she is the only female seiyuu that actually can do comedy role well . On the other hand , panting idol suck very badly still . She should just always stick to Konata or Haruhi and stop panting .

Some thoughts on series like Kanokon

I really don’t see the problem in liking stuff like Kanokon though , it is like people can like K-on for its pure moe fun but why can’t people like pure erotic fun then? Both are also an insult to your intelligent due to their shallow character depth but why is there such a huge difference in attention and love ? The only reason I can think of is that anime fans generally are a bunch of pedophile that think that little kid will be a easier target for them .

Final word

Oh I heard you scream ” Why watch akasaka ova when you have hentai” like an idiot there . You must be someone that don’t understand the fun of teasing .  Cock tease  have a better effect than real porn sometimes .  You will understand when you get older LOL !

Muhahahahahahaha , I just proclaim myself as an idiot that enjoy show like Kanokon , Queens Blade and Akane iro ni somaru saka ova . I am a bastard that steal your K-on season 2 for Kanokon and Queens Blade season 2 !