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Messages from non official or commercial entities in internet aren’t supposed to be treated seriously . That’s why you shouldn’t really care too much for insult , sarcasm and bullshit from anywhere including this blog . You shouldn’t be raging at anything but just laugh it off when you find any indifferent opinions or post that out rightly spelled bullshit and sarcasm. Of course , exchange of trolling message is allowed but you should be writing those with the attitude of having fun and have no real intention of wanting to hurt others . Just don’t get too overboard and remember that any trolling exchange should be taken lightly as a joke .

Not to mention , reacting seriously to post that is categorise under rant is just stupid . Ranting is meant to be a way for writer to vent out their anger and should not be taken seriously .

In conclusion , INTERNET IZ SRS BZN! LOL!

Still , o.o and major league baseball 2k9 suck .


Like how the word “hmmm” makes Maddox blood boil , emoticons like o.o -_- O.o makes me want to kill a cat . I love cats you know? They made great supper  hence me wanting to kill a cat is really a big deal and you really should care about it .

Really , it sucks . It sucks more when a msn conversation starts with an emoticon. It is like what you expect me to reply when you just leave o.o for your first message? Not to mention , o.o is irritating and mundane , it make me want to gorge my eyes out when I saw it . It is just like you will get sick after watching 183278234 copies of love hina’s imitation.
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I have great taste not matter what . Even though I think kanokon and grenadier is pretty decent , I still have great taste . This is a fact that no amount of negative energy can change . When I say that a series is going to be great , it will be great . When I say that something is frigging good , it will be frigging good . Why? Because I am good that’s why .

But  when I recommend an anime series to my friend , they don’t really watch it . Then for some dubious reason , 10 years later , they will watch it because they saw some youtube video or whatever not . After that , they will treat it like they found that series awesomeness themselves when the fact is that , 10 years ago , I already told them that those series are good and they shouldn’t  frigging waste their time to watch K-on and goshosama ninomiya kun.

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The 2009’s game I am talking about here is that shitty major baseball league 2009 . What the fuck is that game man ? The graphic is shit , the gameplay is not exciting and you can’t have much or even any control of the game. Now it is a USA game that’s why the graphic will suck I know, but not so suck like wtf fat stickman right? I am so glad that I did not waste my time with that 6.5 gb shit and get that dumped down 1.2gb psp shit . Now with 1.2gb , you thought that you get 3D HD greatness but what I got is shitty upgrade version of virtual fighter 2 polygon man .

This is the year of 2009 man , why the hell are you giving some polygon man ?

This is the year of 2009 man , why the hell are you giving some polygon man ?

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It had been long since we last receive a comment , but I know this blog is legendary , it is either that it doesn’t receive any comment or if it really receive one , it will be a epic one like those from koda/kodachrome/misamcloud and the newest one.

“thats balls cause u said they are topless cause they dont wear disguises what about gohan before he meets videl he dresses up in a mask and cape and calls himself saiyahman, although any of his family can beat the crap out of any1 (and every1 is scared of Chichi). 2 saying vegita is really a good guy deep down is bull too as he is only there to beat goku as shown when he willfully joins buu to make himself stronger though he knows buu is evil, also on your facts not all bulmas family are named after underwear as bulma means breasts. also the bit about the dbz redub only in japan is false too as you can find it on website(not my website btw)) and its called dragonball kai and its all subbed. oh and the bit about spiderman wrong again as in 1 of the x-men comics he is seen alongside other mutants in what is said as china fighting off an alien invasion. so suck it loser!!!!!!!!!”

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Sexy Comando Gaiden is the 2nd cromartie high school , frigging  funny , funnier than astro sunred !!! People watch this and you will know that K-on is not funny at all .

Also I am going retro now . I am downloading the whole of mobile suit gundam and is ready to marathon it after I finish Sexy Commando Gaiden . Now I am a old fag and can bash newfag ass while sprouting lots of gundam terminology , ok not now , maybe two weeks later . So can I succeed in finishing mobile suit gundam by the end of the two week? I hope I can .

Not to mention , I am also going to watch Ippatu Kikimusume and Oruchuban Ebichu , and all of them are pre 2000! Now then I found out that 10 out of 10 retro series I watch are frigging amazing . In contary of the 5 /10 new one . So maybe it is real that anime is getting lousier nowadays or just that I only watch the gem of the retro and missed all those sucky one? But regardless of what , old anime are great anime , people should watch them and watch gundam the right way , starting from the first .

Now , every genre have its own epitome anime , hence before commenting on a series of any genre , you should watch the best of the best first .


Genre number 1 : Comedy

For a pure comedy series , before you say that it is fucking hilarious , you should watch those series that are really funny and make a comparison to it . Some of the best comedy comes from the parody genre . Such series are the like of Gintama , Cromartie High School and Astro Sunred Figther . Hence , before watching any of the three series , you don’t have the right to say that K-on is funny . If not , watch some american comedy like family guy for your own sake to understand what a real comedy really is and stop laughing at unfunny jokes .

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I rewrote it because it suck at first. I don’t really care that it sucks though ,there isn’t any reader for it anyway . But this past few days ,  it garners lots of readers due the the naruto picture . So I reworte it even though I know those retard won’t read my post and just save the naruto picture. Who knows , I left a flaming message of naruto and maybe those retard will just happens to read it and flame my blog while upping my views to over 9000 . Sorry , it is already over 9000.

I don’t want to use this meme but it really is over 9000 thanks to dragonball.10000Don’t look at the tab bar please , it contains explicit content.

Considering that I upped my own view by 100 on the second day of our blog , we have not reached 10000 genuinely . But considering the fact that I am not in any aggregator and my blog isn’t read by my friends , daily view of 50 to 100 is really a feat .

Thanks everyone for clicking pikachu picture that will led to our dragonball post, without you all , this blog will be dead since there isn’t any more updates nowadays . I always wanted to blog about ”  when money matters is concern for anime , it look like something evil more than other industry” but it fell short every time . Another reason why I am not blogging because I watched too much anime and manga nowadays. I always thought that the more you watch , the more thing you can write but I am wrong , it seems like the more you watch , the lesser idea are generated or should I say that there are too much description to describe , you can’t find something to start .

My friend asked me to blog about my daily life so let’s start from here. Today I slept for 16hr and went to class from 5 to 8 . After that , I went home and eat dinner .That’s all , my life is full of joyus moment so much so that I can end it with two sentence , be awe by my active life please.

Finally , to give a conventional ending for a emo teenager life journal , I will like to say that I love you ! I wished that I  have a formula to calculate my love for you. I missed you so much , I want to look at you now . Love is made for you and me. I wonder if the feeling will get stronger if I see you again . Only if time can be stop now 190708 Love you baby . Emo , depressed , slit wrist .

8====D~~~~|    –    _     –      |<-fat bastard are meant for wee wee because he eat children.

Next week will be the last episode for k-on . I am so happy because I finally can get rid of that piece of cake eating crap . That’s all .


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