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Animated by shaft.

It is moving. Animated by shaft.

It is said that one can of 330ml Pepsi contained 7 teaspoon of sugar …

2 cans of 330 ml of pepsi made up 660ml of pepsi …

One ml is 1 millilitre….

So don’t drink pepsi ….

Drink coke ….

Even Goku step on pepsi  to buy coke , so why don’t you too?

Pepsi – The new stepping stone for coke.

Coke – It is spell as Coca Cola.


No , burst is not an anime or manga but a new category in IWICSYI where I will just pen down some short burst of thoughts. Hope that this new category will help bring back all my dead comrade into posting again  as they can just pen down their burst of thoughts too ! In other words , it is like twitter without word length restrain .

Ok , let’s get the ball rowing and act as if there is a ball rolling.

1.Cliche and reusing of successful formula is just a thin line apart , it depend on how you  see it .

2. I only read two kind of anime blog , one that almost has the same wave length as me (RIUVA , Baka-Raptor, DarkMirage , Furu anime panikku and star-crossed)  and the other one is those that are totally different from me. ( Moesucks and Minaide Hazukashi).

3. Until today , I never had thought that my knowledge on manga is so much better than most pro lookalike .

4. Reading onemanga or watching fansub to test out any manga or series before deciding which to buy sound as ridiculous as torrenting  movies so that you can decide which to watch in theatre.

5.Whining about anime availability issue is just stupid . Do you see me whine about not being able to play professional baseball or even normal baseball due to space restrain and lack of popularity in my country?
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szsI saw this , got freak up and I closed my media player. Now is not the time to use 30 or more minute to finish a 23 min series. Hence I prefer the everyone favourite earthquake anime that is so easy to watch , the episode finished without me knowing it . In other words , I suck because I have fallen into the trap of those evil director and get manipulated by them when they supply me with contrived emotional storyline that lured me in.

让我们在一起仰望天空。我们是真正的Buddy! -I re read this part of Umizaru 6 times and cried 6 times .I cried in MRT while reading it , omg , embarrassing  .  Umizaru is the best. I place it as one of my top 3 manga alongside with GTO and Onani Master Kurosawa. I can’t ask you to go read it because one-manga doesn’t have it! Ha !

Recently , while reminiscing my past , I remembered that I quite like Myself;Yourself the anime. But I wonder if it is  because Myself; Yourself is one of my first batch of anime or is it really that great?

So to answer to that question , I will provide a summary of my thoughts on Myself; Yourself in whole . This summary does not contain any background information of the story , so you must watch the series to actually understand what I meant. However , it contains some spoiler .


Myself;Yourself started out with a seemly generic harem formula with elements of childhood friend to drive its whole story. It presented a tsundere girl and a nice girl as candidate for the pairing with the main character.With that , you will think that it will just spiral down to become another uninteresting and predictable harem whereby the there will be no conflict and the main character will just choose the tsundere girl in the end. Your thoughts is correct  as the plot is really like a generic harem until episode 8 or so .

The story became  a complicating relation web with angst background story for every character when it reaches episode 8 . The usual happy atmosphere suddenly turn into a emo fest due to the tsundere+yandere female character .  By then , you thought that the plot will delve in deeper into the relation web but surprisingly , the anime create a twist so beautifully , it resolve the web in an instant. The generic harem suddenly changed into a romance drama about friendship that includes lesbian and incest !  By episode 11 , every side characters story is completed , the end of episode 11 includes a touching scene that dwell on a lot about friendship.
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I found out that blogging really help relieve stress as it provide a medium for you to vent out whatever that is in your mind . I have been using blogging to help relieve myself  since long time ago and it had  proven to be very effective More effective than fapping , reading manga and listening to song .Today , I am writing this post again just to relax myself after just now tense situation , so you can don’t bother reading it . I myself won’t read it after today .

Recently , I found out that I got this virus call bloodhound or whatever not . It is a Trojan that automatically lead your computer to malware site through bookmark when you logon to the internet . My best buddy norton helped me to successfully quarantine it and I thought that all is ok . But the virus just kept coming back and my best buddy keep working very hard to help me remove it . I don’t want to see my buddy working so hard , it hurts me seeing him ingesting virus and using so much detol to clean it , it is like cleaning my ass for me and I don’t like that. So to freed him from this overworking , I decided to do a system restore.

Vola , after the  system  is restored , I got this very nice bluescreen that tell me lots of moonspeak that no one in their right mind will understand . Firstly , I thought this is just your old vista problem so I  reboot my computer . Little to I know , this blue screen became my new best friend and just keep coming to me after I login to my user .To be frank , I   quite like this new blue screen friend so I just reboot again and again until one hour later .

You know , sticking onto your best friend yet she doesn’t give you any surprise but just a blue screen is very dull . So to make things more interesting , I tried pushing F8 before meeting her . I choose lots of new best friend like repairing window , last good configuration and start window normally to accompany my blue friend , but I guess she is very tsundere , she doesn’t want any friend and just keep giving me her old look . By then , I got very angry and told  her that tsundere is overrated and Kugimiya Rie , so please stop it! But as proven by the 13423490342  of love hina carbon copy , a tsundere cannot be scold , as if you scold her , she will turn into a yandere and will try to kill you with her anger .

This yandere is a good one though . She doesn’t give me a quick death but slowly torture me till my mind breakdown . She kept giving me more and more error till I cried.  I cried so hard , my black friend safe mode can’t bear to look at me suffer anymore and decide to help me up . My black friend helped me to restore that yandere back to tsundere . Now that the tsundere is calmed down , I thought of just killing her  away to keep me from having more trouble later on, but my black friend stopped me because he is kind. He perform his magic again and undo the system restore. This magic is so strong , that bitch tsudere finally got beaten down and become my dere dere slave . She is very moe now and keep servicing me well . When she show any sign of tsun tsun , I will call my black friend to scare her . Now she is all good and stop giving that blue look anymore . I am happy , she is happy and everyone is happy .

So all in all , bloodhound suck .

Let’s walk down my history lane and discover why I like Japanese anime and manga .

For starter , my first experience for manga is actually Dragonball . I remembered that my brother borrowed the whole series from his friend  ,when I am about  3 years old . I started to pick up some volume of it and browse through the pictures. I particularly love the cover page of volume 30 because it shows all the Z warriors and have great pictures of my then favourite hero , Trunk .  I am able to pick up names like goku , freiza , cell , vegeta , bulma and trunk due to some unknown reason and that’s a pretty amazing feat cause  , I don’t even know how to spell my own name at that time.

With that ,I think it subconsciously made me pro japanese as I find their art more appealing than all the American cartoon that I had seen .

Then comes my first anime . I think I am about 5 or 6 by then and to be frank , I forgot  the name of the anime . I just remember that it has a word “斗” in its title . At the same time , my brother borrowed more manga from his friend , and this time round , it is actually captain tsubasa J. So for some dubious reason again , after captain tsubasa , I get to know series such as Yu Yu Hakusho , Slam Dunk , Sailor moon and many more . I think it is because anime is the new cool in that era , that’s why I always thought that anime is suppose to be a popular medium until I found out that it is utterly unpopular in 2007 .
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This thought had never cross my mind before . That’s why I didn’t even list it in the complain list , but it seems like 9/10 viewers think that she is a bitch . Now that I ponder back , she just acted like your everyday 13 years old girl will act . Maybe I have seen so much of her in real life , I am desensitized.

Her negative personality is really normal among teens , I remembered when I am her age , I am like that too! OMG! NO wonder I don’t have any friend .

Her phone fetish is just so normal too , I have seen lots of primary school student being able to spend about $200 just for their phone bill . When I only use $20 for 6month . That’s why it is a small deal.

Everyone hate their sibling , 13 years old felt that they are annoying. I hate my sibling once too, until I grew up and know there is nothing to hate about .

Finally , no one wanted to be treated like a child right? Even though it is quite annoying seeing a teenage acting mature when their acts contradict with themselves , but maybe I have seen too many cases , Mirai’s case is just so unimportant. I had seen lots of teenager acted worse than her , having relationship and broke off after a few months , smoking just to act cool and acting all gangster and think they are the boss. Tell me which is worse?

So in conclusion, all her acts just provide more realism to her characters and I like it that way . Her flaws just made her own self realisation part on the later part of the series more impactful . That’s why I love her character setting because she can improve and grow up a lot . We all love people growing up right? That’s why TTGL’s Simon is so cool and own Kamina ass. Characters that are strong at first is just nothing more than badass , their stagnant growth rate made themselves uninteresting.

Obligatory screenshot .

Obligatory screenshot .

1. Non detailed character design / Stick men character design / Whatsoever stuff about character design .

For the non detailed character design issue , it really depends on your your preference. For me ,I prefer plain character design , especially so when TM8.0 is trying to depict someone normal . So a normal , non fabulous design suit the characters better . Also , I don’t know if Bones did it deliberately or what , but most of their show have some stick man figure for their characters . I treated it as their style though , but it may look like cutting of cost for some others.

2. Nothing happens much in the first episode.

Yea , but it have lots of potential for big events due to its premise. Don’t be impatient , it is only 11episode , so it will definitely catch up soon.

3. Ugly 3d rendition of characters/building/what not.

I find it pleasing though, LOL . It is like I thought that Gonzo 3D crap is ok. I don’t mind animation much if they can do their job of conveying the plot well . Even though I said that , I still think that Tm8.0 is a huge production with top notched animation .

4. Cliche

I am stabbing blindly in the dark for this one . I myself don’t find any tiny bit of cliche though , but maybe someone out there think there is . I just got this hunch .

5.Overuse plot/story.

Yea ,stabbing blindly in the dark again because up till now , there isn’t much  or even any anime that depict natural disaster. Ok , Planetes depicted that and it is the only one that I can think of  now.
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Glass breaking is a very nice effect . It is as beutiful as any Gravure Idol . Fap fap fap fap

Glass breaking is a very nice effect . It is as beautiful as any gravure idol . Fap fap fap fap

If Shinbo from Shaft uses abstract visual to attract , Bones production uses simplicity to lure you in ! EPIC!

When is the last time Bones ever failed me with their stuff? It is always Bones that saved the lackluster* summer season! Last year , they made it with Xamd , this year they made it again with TM8.0!

About 20 min ago , I am feeling damn sleepy , so much so that I don’t even have the motivation to click on a gintama episode . But after TM8.0 finished its download , I clicked it on a whim and little did I expect that, it just lure me in and made me can’t stop watching it! It  swept away my drowsiness  and simulated my brain in becoming energetic again!
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