Why is Umineko good?

1. Marina Inoue and Yui Horie

2. Only one irritating loli but is voiced by Yui Horie .

3. Badass ending song . The ending song sound like some old man trying to do death metal . Just imagining a old man strumming his electric guitar and doing some death metal stuff made me lol .

4. The characters are old enough unlike Higurashi , so I can take them seriously .

5. Great op

6. It have potential to become Kindachi , albeit a season long one for one case.

7.HAHA , slap that loli

8.Done right Higurashi.

9. The Chinese sub censored the profanity and named the title as seacat.

Why is it bad?





the list goes on for endless eight


If there is no uuuuu , everything will be good . There aren’t any glaring flaws as for now but at the same time , there isn’t any strong point too.This is only the episode one , so maybe the great stuff will keep coming in after that . I really hope that it will have some realistic twist without much supernatural elements like Kindachi though , not some made up crap of parasite like higurashi.

But be ready to see large group of fanboy praising the episode one and loving UUUUUU still.Hence , I hope that the content is really that great to sustain its popularity . Otherwise , it will be just another piece of overrated and overhyped series like higurashi.