Lots of summer series have such mixed reviews , it is hard to judge whether a show is good or not . Riuva said that Princess Lover is nice but Star crossed said that it is utter shit .

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou also received lots of mixed review . THAT said that its comedy is decent , Star Crossed gave it some mediocre rating and MOE SUCK gave it a very bad rating . But we all know that we can don’t care about the opinion of Moe Suck’s reviews because they are on one end of a spectrum , totally opposite of moe loving fans as they hate everything other than intelligent anime . I am not someone that share the same ideal as them so…… well ……

The next victim is Aoi Hana , some said it is great while some said that it is fucking bad , so yea , I am totally confuse whether which is which .

Umineko still garner lots of attention even though it suffered from a frigging uneventful episode 1 . Though I hoped that this attention won’t backlash itself LOL.

There are a lot more mixed reviews for series such as Sea Story and whatever not too but fret not , I am reading review and not watch the episode one of every series like how I do it for Spring season because I know that Summer season will just be shit . The reading of review is just to make sure that I don’t miss  any gems like how I missed cross game last season .

I will still follow what I picked up in May though. I have one of the earliest summer season preview and guess what? All the show that I picked such as Bakemonogatari and Cannan are having raving reviews. Also , I will announce here that Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 will pwn all of them and become the best of this season , without a doubt . I will still pick up Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou though because like I said in my summer preview , I need to watch some mediocre series sometimes .

This again prove that I got great taste . I knew that Hatsukoi Limited will be another Kimi Kiss and guess what? It is better than that .

So to further testify my taste , shall we get bolder and predict which series is going to be good , even though they haven’t air yet? I will of course not say something as obvious as Summer war or DTB 2 but I guess that Despera , Neppu Kairiku Bushilord ,Rainbow – Nisha Rokubo no Shichi Ninand and Letter Bee will be good . Even 11 eyes have great potential if they are being handled by great animation studio. Now ,we just have to wait and see whether I scored most of the points or not.Oh , Angel Beat will become another K-on for sure . Not plot wise , but fanbase and haters wise.

Sadaharu! I choose you!

Sadaharu! I choose you!