Glass breaking is a very nice effect . It is as beutiful as any Gravure Idol . Fap fap fap fap

Glass breaking is a very nice effect . It is as beautiful as any gravure idol . Fap fap fap fap

If Shinbo from Shaft uses abstract visual to attract , Bones production uses simplicity to lure you in ! EPIC!

When is the last time Bones ever failed me with their stuff? It is always Bones that saved the lackluster* summer season! Last year , they made it with Xamd , this year they made it again with TM8.0!

About 20 min ago , I am feeling damn sleepy , so much so that I don’t even have the motivation to click on a gintama episode . But after TM8.0 finished its download , I clicked it on a whim and little did I expect that, it just lure me in and made me can’t stop watching it! It  swept away my drowsiness  and simulated my brain in becoming energetic again!

The simplicity of the character design and the nice rendering of 3D graphic are just breathtaking . The interesting storyline also promised lots of heart wrenching drama . The directing is easy and captivating to follow . The character being out of the conventional anime stereotype is another plus! Everyone act like normal human being without having any traits of tsundereness or whatever not . This is strange because having real life mundane traits in an anime is actually being the special one due to others being flooded with special traits and personality! So , being normal within a group of special crowds made you stand out a lot .  Being normal yet interesting made it a whole lots better! This is where Bones really strive in with Tm8.0! Great job

Also , the characters having believable personality really helps you in relating with them . It is like if you put yourself into their shoe , you will have the same train of thoughts . This helps in deepening the depth of the characters as you are able to feel what the characters felt and think of what they think .It is really hard to explain , but it is like I am one of the character , facing the same problems and situation with them . This enabled you to sympathies their situation and actually do care about their outcome .

Picture break

Picture break

The backbone and value of the anime is clearly about one’s future . This  is further elaborated by the main character name , Mirai .  Mirai’s thoughts having a contrast with her own name just created more coherent layer to the whole issue . So the plot can be actually be considered deep  . What’s better is that although it is deep , it is easy to understand . This provided lots of substance to the series . Knowing the underlying values of an anime just made the whole anime lots more enjoyable too .

This is why it is better than Eden of the East , at least for me . In all seriousness , I must admit that I don’t know what Eden of the East want to archive with their plot . This made me unable to truly comprehend the essence of the show  and cause the enjoyable level to go down . Their ideology just doesn’t click with me and I can’t really see logic in it . Me , not bothering to ponder on it too much is also another reason though . That’s why I enjoy it lesser than others that understand it well  even though it is clearly a very good series . Don’t get the wrong idea though , I still like Eden of The East very much and love the attention that it is getting . It is just that I like TM8.0 more.

I will rage if I see anyone  saying that the summer series suck when they don’t bother including TM8.0 in their lineup . But it is ok to say it suck if you don’t like TM8.0 after watching it because you know,  to each of its own . Also, if there isn’t  Tm8.0 , the summer season will be really lackluster* even if there are some decent one like Bakamonogatari and Canann .

*On contary believe , I still think that the summer season is actually a pretty good season , thanks to SZS 3rd , S&W 2 and a few other series that I mentioned above . But this may be due to me not bothering with obvious crap like urine anime and whatsoever. Strangley , I also thought that the Spring Season is actually good too, but let’s leave that on the other post.

PS: It is also good that Abingdon Boys School is  doing the op.

Great shOEow . Hope it can be as popular as Eden of the East though . Cause for some reason , Bones's series is always LOL , not much people watch.

Epic show . Hope it can be as popular as Eden of the East though . Cause for some reason , Bones's series is always LOL ...... not many people watch.