This thought had never cross my mind before . That’s why I didn’t even list it in the complain list , but it seems like 9/10 viewers think that she is a bitch . Now that I ponder back , she just acted like your everyday 13 years old girl will act . Maybe I have seen so much of her in real life , I am desensitized.

Her negative personality is really normal among teens , I remembered when I am her age , I am like that too! OMG! NO wonder I don’t have any friend .

Her phone fetish is just so normal too , I have seen lots of primary school student being able to spend about $200 just for their phone bill . When I only use $20 for 6month . That’s why it is a small deal.

Everyone hate their sibling , 13 years old felt that they are annoying. I hate my sibling once too, until I grew up and know there is nothing to hate about .

Finally , no one wanted to be treated like a child right? Even though it is quite annoying seeing a teenage acting mature when their acts contradict with themselves , but maybe I have seen too many cases , Mirai’s case is just so unimportant. I had seen lots of teenager acted worse than her , having relationship and broke off after a few months , smoking just to act cool and acting all gangster and think they are the boss. Tell me which is worse?

So in conclusion, all her acts just provide more realism to her characters and I like it that way . Her flaws just made her own self realisation part on the later part of the series more impactful . That’s why I love her character setting because she can improve and grow up a lot . We all love people growing up right? That’s why TTGL’s Simon is so cool and own Kamina ass. Characters that are strong at first is just nothing more than badass , their stagnant growth rate made themselves uninteresting.