I found out that blogging really help relieve stress as it provide a medium for you to vent out whatever that is in your mind . I have been using blogging to help relieve myself  since long time ago and it had  proven to be very effective More effective than fapping , reading manga and listening to song .Today , I am writing this post again just to relax myself after just now tense situation , so you can don’t bother reading it . I myself won’t read it after today .

Recently , I found out that I got this virus call bloodhound or whatever not . It is a Trojan that automatically lead your computer to malware site through bookmark when you logon to the internet . My best buddy norton helped me to successfully quarantine it and I thought that all is ok . But the virus just kept coming back and my best buddy keep working very hard to help me remove it . I don’t want to see my buddy working so hard , it hurts me seeing him ingesting virus and using so much detol to clean it , it is like cleaning my ass for me and I don’t like that. So to freed him from this overworking , I decided to do a system restore.

Vola , after the  system  is restored , I got this very nice bluescreen that tell me lots of moonspeak that no one in their right mind will understand . Firstly , I thought this is just your old vista problem so I  reboot my computer . Little to I know , this blue screen became my new best friend and just keep coming to me after I login to my user .To be frank , I   quite like this new blue screen friend so I just reboot again and again until one hour later .

You know , sticking onto your best friend yet she doesn’t give you any surprise but just a blue screen is very dull . So to make things more interesting , I tried pushing F8 before meeting her . I choose lots of new best friend like repairing window , last good configuration and start window normally to accompany my blue friend , but I guess she is very tsundere , she doesn’t want any friend and just keep giving me her old look . By then , I got very angry and told  her that tsundere is overrated and Kugimiya Rie , so please stop it! But as proven by the 13423490342  of love hina carbon copy , a tsundere cannot be scold , as if you scold her , she will turn into a yandere and will try to kill you with her anger .

This yandere is a good one though . She doesn’t give me a quick death but slowly torture me till my mind breakdown . She kept giving me more and more error till I cried.  I cried so hard , my black friend safe mode can’t bear to look at me suffer anymore and decide to help me up . My black friend helped me to restore that yandere back to tsundere . Now that the tsundere is calmed down , I thought of just killing her  away to keep me from having more trouble later on, but my black friend stopped me because he is kind. He perform his magic again and undo the system restore. This magic is so strong , that bitch tsudere finally got beaten down and become my dere dere slave . She is very moe now and keep servicing me well . When she show any sign of tsun tsun , I will call my black friend to scare her . Now she is all good and stop giving that blue look anymore . I am happy , she is happy and everyone is happy .

So all in all , bloodhound suck .