Recently , while reminiscing my past , I remembered that I quite like Myself;Yourself the anime. But I wonder if it is  because Myself; Yourself is one of my first batch of anime or is it really that great?

So to answer to that question , I will provide a summary of my thoughts on Myself; Yourself in whole . This summary does not contain any background information of the story , so you must watch the series to actually understand what I meant. However , it contains some spoiler .


Myself;Yourself started out with a seemly generic harem formula with elements of childhood friend to drive its whole story. It presented a tsundere girl and a nice girl as candidate for the pairing with the main character.With that , you will think that it will just spiral down to become another uninteresting and predictable harem whereby the there will be no conflict and the main character will just choose the tsundere girl in the end. Your thoughts is correct  as the plot is really like a generic harem until episode 8 or so .

The story became  a complicating relation web with angst background story for every character when it reaches episode 8 . The usual happy atmosphere suddenly turn into a emo fest due to the tsundere+yandere female character .  By then , you thought that the plot will delve in deeper into the relation web but surprisingly , the anime create a twist so beautifully , it resolve the web in an instant. The generic harem suddenly changed into a romance drama about friendship that includes lesbian and incest !  By episode 11 , every side characters story is completed , the end of episode 11 includes a touching scene that dwell on a lot about friendship.

That scene made me hold high regards for Myself; Yourself even till today . Up till now  I still think that the episode   is one of the best single episode I ever watched . But that is because , it really stuck out when comparing to other episode in the series , hence created lots of impact on me.

By the final episode 13 , the main characters mystery  is resolve  through  a great twist that differ from what viewer expect. However  that twist is pretty forceful because out of the sudden , they just include 2 or 3 new characters that did not even appeared for 1 second in the whole anime to explain the mystery . With that , you get some loving couple scene and the whole series get a time skip and ended with a very rush ending .

That ends my summary of the whole plot and for my final thoughts of it , I don’t categorise Myself;Yourself as a generic harem but actually a romantic drama with subplot on friendship. The twist and lack of formulaic onsen episode and flag help in differentiating itself from the normal harem cycle . The twist  also provides great enjoyment and mystery to the show . The absence of fanservice is a plus . So in the end , I felt that it is more like Ef a tale of memories , albeit a weaker one rather than Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~.

With that , the case is close , I can declare that Myself;Yourself is actually a pretty decent drama if you like emo teenage romance.

Still , I won’t recommend it to anyone because it is not difficult to find lots of flaw in that anime . The loli that appears in the anime is also one big time waster even though I don’t really mind it that much . The values in that anime is stronger than most of the romance series out there but still weak when compare to other greater one . The first 7 episode is also one big snore fest , only until episode 10 , it started to pick up and turn decent . The characters is pretty pretty fucked up in the sense that everyone have a very complicated and dark background . You got yourself a main character that slit his own wrist , a female character that wrote 1000 nice boat letter , a twins that have incest relationship and a supposedly nice girl for being a jealous jar lesbian . The animation is also pretty normal without any distinctive style . The music is pretty good because there is a main volin+piano theme that I like very much . Other than  , every music just fit the atmosphere and pretty much normal .

The forceful plot may turn off lots of viewers as well but I find it ok if you don’t dwell into it too much . The enjoyment values is pretty high due to episode 11 . There are some mystery subplot that keep you addicted to the show . The fuckup character is a plus for me . I don’t mind animation much so I will not nitpick the flaws in animation . All in all , it is actually a pretty decent fill in for interval to great series . It is not a much watch of course , you can skip and not miss out anything at all .

Some requirement to actually enjoy the show .

You can watch it if you like romance series like I do . I like romance series so much so that I even find Tokimeki Memorial watchable . If you don’t nitpick on animation , you may enjoy it too . I don’t really care about animation so much so that I can even bear Akikan and Ayakashi QUALITY , beat that!   . You must actually be very lenient , so much so that you can rate a 7 for Akasaka to love Myself;Yourself . In other words , it is actually not a very impressive series even though I find it pretty good .

If you didn’t meet any of the above requirement  , just don’t watch it , cause you will definitely vomit blood and bash the series like a raped loli.

Nanaka is my first Ami Koshimizu's role

Nanaka is my first Ami Koshimizu's role