No , burst is not an anime or manga but a new category in IWICSYI where I will just pen down some short burst of thoughts. Hope that this new category will help bring back all my dead comrade into posting again  as they can just pen down their burst of thoughts too ! In other words , it is like twitter without word length restrain .

Ok , let’s get the ball rowing and act as if there is a ball rolling.

1.Cliche and reusing of successful formula is just a thin line apart , it depend on how you  see it .

2. I only read two kind of anime blog , one that almost has the same wave length as me (RIUVA , Baka-Raptor, DarkMirage , Furu anime panikku and star-crossed)  and the other one is those that are totally different from me. ( Moesucks and Minaide Hazukashi).

3. Until today , I never had thought that my knowledge on manga is so much better than most pro lookalike .

4. Reading onemanga or watching fansub to test out any manga or series before deciding which to buy sound as ridiculous as torrenting  movies so that you can decide which to watch in theatre.

5.Whining about anime availability issue is just stupid . Do you see me whine about not being able to play professional baseball or even normal baseball due to space restrain and lack of popularity in my country?

6. I believe in opinions , but I believe more in taste.

7. I hate all my friends , because their flaws are more glaring to me when compare to a stranger. However , that doesn’t mean I don’t like their strength though.

8.Is it because of the Internet that I became so cynical or am I just cynical in the first place?

9. Laughing at your own words when they aren’t funny just piss me off .Eg: ” Hey , hahahaha , later want to eat hahahaaha lunch?” , that’s just stupid. In other words , I hate people laughing at unfunny jokes.

Not matter how much my friend thinks that the above video is funny ,  it sucks in every aspect as those K-on girls turn a supposedly funny song into a boring and unfunny video .

10. I have never been interested in hot babes that I see on the street . I don’t look for slut material but wife material in girls.

That ends the first entry in the burst category! Hope that I can keep this feature alive for as long as possible because in all seriousness , I quite enjoy writing this sought of things.

All the above are original content! The abusive amount of grammar mistakes are the proof!