Do you remember the heydays of sport anime whereby there are the like of  naruto and bleach nowadays?  Do you remember the day whereby  their popularity is so high , it causes lots of fans in dissing them like how people diss about bleach and naruto nowadays? Yes , I do remember but the  difference with sport anime from naruto is that it got wipe off the realm of foreign anime viewers , never to be heard again and only shared among minority. How did this happen? To answer that question , I have to trace back my history lane .

I remembered that during the 90s , slam dunk and captain tsubasa are one of the most popular series around . Their popularity is the like of naruto and bleach nowadays , whereby even the mainstream and children knew of their names . But due to  their formulaic and repetitive story, it breed lots of haters that want the genre to die . With that , those haters used their loud mouth and zergling influencing skills to recruit a huge lots of followers in bashing the sport genre .They are so successful till the extend that everyone hated sport anime even when they didn’t watch a single episode of it . Now , it is so prominent to hear the reason ” I hate sport anime” so to drop and bash series like cross game , oofuri , major and others .

Yea , I do agree that sport anime have repetitive and similar story  but those are great formula . So great till the extend that  I don’t really mind them repeating for non stop. In this time and dates , it is almost impossible to create any new story now.  Even those unqiue series such as Eden of the east and TM8.0 tapped on old formula and stories . So to differentiate themselves , they can only do work in their plot and that is exactly what sport series are doing. Their story are very limited , but they have this sure win plot devices for their plot . You know that you had seen those plot before , but you just can’t stop loving it , that is what sport series does and why it is great .

To further support this , Adachi’s manga comes to my mind for this point . We all know that Adachi’s manga are almost the same . But due to that , we love his work  because we know that we won’t be disappointed  and can enjoy the same awesomeness all over again like how watching an re-adaption of an awesome series with some changes will be so awesome again. So I really want to say that great similar plot != bad  like how great food will always be great even if you eat it everyday . I remembered that I wrote before that cliche and great formula is just a thin line apart , that’s is actually stating about the sport genre .

Another reason that peoples hate sport anime is that they hated sports . I am actually ok with that because I know that every anime fans are nerds and nerds with sport =impossible .  If they love playing sport , they won’t be watching anime in the first place , so I really can understand their line of argument . I also understand that they are sissy fags that are so lazy to even appreciate manly sports that emit manly values , fucktard sissy that have no taste because they don’t understand the beauty of baseball and 22 players chasing a black and white ball. I understand , I really do .