Have you ever wonder why do people tolerate some bullshit but hated some other bullshit so much? From my personal experience , bullshit actually can be categorise into 2 groups . First , bullshit that everyone seems to love and second , bullshit that face lots of bashing/ no one care .

Categorising bullshit is a subjective affair , everyone have different views in bullshit , what I think is bullshit may not be bullshit to you and vice versa . So after this sentence , everything that I said will be base on my opinion and there isn’t really a need to rage at others opinion .

First ,let’s talk about bullshit that everyone seems to love . My personal favourite examples are always K-on and Higurashi . Now , I don’t think that saying K-on being bullshit need any explanation but why does Higurashi considered bullshit to me?

Firstly , it is a suspense series but I don’t feel any suspense. For one , I wish it will end quickly so that I can get done with it rather than clinging on my screen , anticipating new episode every week. Why don’t I felt any suspense then? That is  because there is magic element in it . Once there is magic , everything can happen without any logics . People can be revived because of magic , twist and turn can be sum up by magic.

With that , I find that the mystery of Higurashi is rather not intriguing at all .I only liked the last three episode of Higurashi season 1 because it finally explain its mystery with some logical sense rather than magic . The parasite is also a nice touch , but again , it fails in the end because you guess what? It lingers on about magic again(You need to stay near that stupid loli to stop the parasite?! WTF is that! MAGIC!). That’s why it lost all its value in suspense for me .

Secondly , I find that using the parasite as an excuse to turn everyone crazy so to pander to asshole that love gore and killing to be rather distasteful . Seriously , parasite turning everyone crazy , that’s too convineient isn’t it? That’s why I find their reason and explanation in enforcing gore into the series to be rather weak . Not to mention , everyone is like under 18 and look like 12 , how can I take the show seriously when that is the case?

Some more , in the end , it decided to just turn itself into a deus ex machina shonen fare about friendship or what not while sprouting chessy lines . It is like  previously, you told me that you are a psychotic series that seems to dwell on about humanity but after a few second , you tell me that you are actually a shonen series that talk about friendship ? Really , that is considered bullshit to me .

Thirdly , using of moe . No , don’t get me wrong here , I am not an anti moe guy or whatever not , I actually like cute things like pikachu and Aria a lot . But seriously , use moe at the right time and the right time does not mean a setting whereby everyone is turning crazy and killing each other . Scrap away those moe stuff and act more like a dark series . Really , I am so stupid that I can’t blend in moe with dark setting .

Of course , I will still give credit where credit is due . Higurashi is a great shonen series . There , a praise from me .

There , I said it , those stuff that I considered as bullshit are actually  gems to others . Oh , loli is so kawai! Oh cute girls are killing each other is so kakoi! Oh using parasite is so deep and so cool  Oh people get revived is so suspenseful because I am so stupid to sum up that it is all the act of magic . Like lol really?

People hate to see others loving stuff that are bullshit to them .They will think that those that love the bullshit are stupid fags because they don’t even have enough intellect or taste to identify bullshit . They won’t understand what people see in those bullshit and rage while writing 5 higurashi=shonen post.

That’s why there are so many naruto and moe haters because those haters hate to see people actually liking and giving too much credits to things that are stupid . Baka-raptor hates Kurenai because everyone is loving its  plot that he think is bullshit. Moe suck hates TM8.0 because everyone is loving something that they find stupid and boring . All that sum up the fact that if a bullshit is being praise , the rage and hate level will be enhance by 5 times.

So what about bullshit that is being bash or no one care? See library war , Akikan and Macross Frontier. All of them have aspect of bullshitness but those bullshitness are being bash rather than being praised by the majority . That why the tolerance level for those bullshit is higher . People may still hate those series due to their bullshit, but they will not hate or rage so much when compare to those bullshit that people seems to love .

Of course the series may differ depend on the person himself but the trend is pretty much the same