I just spent my most memorable 41 min in my life and witness one of the best ova that I had ever seen – Denpa Teki Na Kanojo. Denpa Teki Na Kanojo has further fortified my love for Brains Base production , seriously , Brains Base really know how to create interesting conversation in anime . Even if Akikan animation sucks , you must agree that their script is actually pretty well done . They can create script that make some boring exchange into something so intriguing and addictive . That’s why I will always watch their series even if it is something like Akikan.

Ok , let’s stop fanboying Brains Base now and get into Denpa Teki na Kanojo .

To be frank ,the story is nothing special and can easily sum up as your usual sudden girlfriend/childhood friend appearance fare . Just that there are lots of winning formula in this usual plot . Throw in some mystery criminal cases , guro corpse , unexpected twist , everyone turning crazy , great realistic fight scene , pseudo fantasy , yandere , baseball batting human flesh , raping , traumatizing , losing of parents , teenage angst , badass character , fantastic animation , simple yet strategic fighting , a fujioshi and you will get Denpa Teki na Kanojo !

Most of the aspect sound like Higurashi right? Everyone love Higurashi because it is “suspenseful” right? Then you will love Denpa Teki na Kanojo because it is 100 times better than Higurashi in its execution ; irregardless of suspense or twist , What’s more , it doesn’t give you bullshit like loli turning into god , stupid shonen deus ex machina that try so hard to be deep  , useless loli shit that win some saimoe , resetting of time with MAGIC!  and whatever not . What you will get us a semi realistic series about this crazy world filled with crazy people who kill each without anyone reviving .

Of course , it does have its flaws as some scenario were too unbelievable  but yea , just don’t think and pry in too much and everything will be wonderful . The ova did made a reference from Akikan and that may be your one and only chance seeing akikan being so well animated .

All in all , it is higurashi – 70% of loli + better suspense – 65% of bullshit for me . With that , I will recommend this series  to anyone as it can be enjoyed by many . However , if our friend from moesuck haven’t watch this anime yet , I won’t recommend to them as this series have obvious pandering and some really big flaws that they hate.