Until today then I realise that I haven’t watch the second ova of Ruruoni Kenshin . I always thought that it only have one shitty movie  and the trust and betrayal ova.  Thankfully ,I chanced upon a short clip of Kenji vs Yahiko , otherwise I will be missing this seemly great ova.

I also found out that my information library had remain stagnant . Now the only anime I knew of are those new season lineup . I had stop looking up for old series like I always do in the past . I thought that I have enough knowledge to sprout of  names of most of the post 2003 series and able to provide some information if you ask for them . But after searching for some classic done by Mamoru Oshii , I found out that I only know of his ghost in the shell , patlabor , sky crawler and jin roh in which I only had watch gits and sky crawler while chunking jin roh in one corner of my hard disk.  I have no idea that his debut series is an ova that dwell on issue similar to Planet ES.

I  am also surprise that Naoki drew Yamawara . I really should update myself on more series  .  I should also stop slacking and watch more anime . I don’t know why I am always pausing in GITS SAC when it is so captivating and interesting . I also fail to understand why I can’t gather enough motivation to watch series like last exile , dennou coil , count monte , eureka 7, xam’d, die buster and lots more . I envy  those people that can watch anime non-stop for some reason . Maybe I treat anime to seriously and want to watch those great series while I have the best form , that’s why I will not start any episode unless I am all good . I have lots of friend that are able to digest 100+ episode of wtfness like yugi oh , bleach , naruto , inuyasha and one piece . I am always amaze how can they stomach so much episode in such a short time .

With that , I am going to set a resolution . Now I am on study week for my exam , I am going to use the first week and marathon as much anime as I can , then after exam , I am going to finish up all the backlog new series,  shitty anime like munto , classic like mobile suit gundam ,highly acclaim series such as LOGH , freedom , flag , Kon Satoshi ‘s movie , all my backlogged manga that are collecting dust ,some frigging popular series that I did not watch for some reason (nanoha and Shana) and Macross 7 to finish of the Macross Franchise. I also must watch fate stay night , tsukihime visual novel and gardern of sinner to see why Type Moon made such a huge ruckus in the anime scene , so much so that they are more popular than the like of Mamoru Oshii (at least from what I had seen).  I also must create an schedule to finish all the series that I have plan to watch such as One Out , Beck , Kamichu , Gintama and Major .

Finally I also must watch more madhouse series like that box show , gungrave and etc .

Any great but obscure series that I miss?  I know I am talking to myself here but if you know of any series that I should watch , please do comment .