Now , the timing when you watch a series is really very important . For one , if it is your first time watching shit like err Akane Iro , it may actually be one of your favourite series all time as it is something you never see before even though it is full of shitty cliche. That’s why the timing is really a very important factor in affecting your enjoyment of a series. I found this out after reading on why people hate Kanon 2006 , which is like one of the best series for me . I bet that if I watched it now , I will not like it as much as I did in the past .

For timing , there are two deciding factor , first , the time when the series is airing and second , the stages you are at when you watch the show .

Over hyping

Now , I know I won’t hate K-on so much if I have watch the series maybe like say 3 years later. One of the reason why series like K-on , Haruhi and Kanon 2006 are being dislike is that during their airing , it is being hyped up too much , so much so that it isn’t cool to proclaim that you love that show anymore . You know that this happens a lot , see naruto , bleach and sport series for more reference. This happens due to two reason , one reason like I say above is that , it isn’t cool to like a over hyped series . Over hyped show equate to mainstream and mainstream is like a bad label for anime fans even though the word itself is rather positive or neutral in nature. Blame the strawberry and fishcake manga for that .

The second reason is that other better series are actually being affected by this hype and people hate to see their favourite series not getting attention like those overrated shit. You know you will hate it when people say that [insert your favourite spring season anime except for K-on] sucks core and K-on is like 100times better because Mio is moe . At least I know I do. Also like I say before , bullshit will be hated more when people are praising it , and over hyping during when it air is just increase the chance that those bullshit are being praise.

With that , I watched Kanon 2006 like one year after its airing and even though there are some praise for it , there isn’t any hype like 200 people having Ayu’s avatar or 1 million fanboy raving about it . I know that there are definitely over hyping when the series first aired , but luckily , I am not caught in that torrent of fanboying , so even if Kanon 2006 is really being overrated/over hype during its airing , I won’t know and hence won’t think that that is the case . Due to that , I won’t have any prejudice or hatred when I enter the series and just enjoy it as it is .

Stages that you are in

Stages here means your experience , time use and knowledge in anime . Now , if you are a noob , you won’t know what is moe and how it is very evil . You won’t think that moe is a pandering tools that disgust you. You won’t know about over hyping , you won’t know about liking naruto is retarded , you won’t know that fanboying girls without substance is stupid , you won’t know about substance and value in anime , you won’t know that placing shit show like rosario to vampire as your top ten will make you an unintentional joke and finally you won’t know the the shit you are watching is actually shit!

That’s right , that’s why you are like a blank pieces of paper without any preference/hatred or what ever not as everything is new and awesome to you. That is the case for me when I watched Kanon 2006 . Before that , I have no idea wtf is moe , never touches a series about girls dying everywhere , never heard about visual novel , never watch series that make me cried so much, never know that people had over hype it before and never know that Kanon 2006 is a waste of resource and technology( seriously , if Kyoani touches on a series with deep values and more substance , it can easily be the best masterpiece out there , but they decided to just waste their resource and create shit like K-on) .

What I know is just that the animation is very pretty , the ost is fantastic , the girls are very cute ,the story is heart wrenching , Yuuichi is very funny , uguu is like Yui Horie and Yui Horie is like awesome and everything ranging from comedy to drama to anything is just so great and wonderful , that’ why I love it .

On the other hand , I watched Clannad during the wrong time , to me Clannad season one is just like a Kanon ripoff and full of dragging and shit that can’t make me cry . Clannad AS is all good before episode 12 or so , after that , when the story focus on Nagisa , I am like fuck that shit , boring . I am like sleeping halfway through during Nagisa graduation ceromony , staring at blank space and felt nothing when Nagisa died , found the Ushio arc to be utterly boring and finally find that happy reset ending to be really lol worthy and not worth any attention or care . It just that I don’t think the happy ending is well deserve , unlike Kanon.
All this happened because I watched it after Kanon and also ,during the phase where it is being hyped up .

Last but not least , even though I love Kanon 2006 and place it as my top five series of all time , I know that there isn’t any value or substance in it , same goes to Clannad . I think I have said this before , but I find that shonen series like Dragonball teaches you more moral values than these two tear jerking series . If you come to think of it , there are not depth in Kanon or Clannad as it is just a story of girl dieing everywhere to make the viewer cry . It is a magical series with unbelievable and stereotypical character for god sake , and people tell me that they can relate to the character .

Still giving credit where credit is due , Clannad AS teaches you about family values , so it has a bit more depth than Kanon , but it is not like those children show that aired during Sunday 9am that teaches you that you must love your family is deep at all .