Remember this shitty category where I wrote pretentious stuff in the past? Yea , now I look back at it , I can’t imagine how I wrote those gay stuff. But yea , I am like really gay nowadays , so I think I will post again for this category. Here goes.

1.I heard that Genesis of Aquarion is like a orgasm series where people orgasm when they combine! their robot. Woo , must watch.

2. People say that every manga fans must have a set of Genshiken manga or watch the anime , too bad , I am not a loser . Ok , I am , but I can’t find the manga anywhere. T_T please help .

3. “my bf was, is and might stay as an otaku XD lol .” <- Found this on someone pm in MSN and no , I don’t know who she is but come on man , who the fuck mislabeled others otaku? I will be asking for a one on one duel on rattling on anime series name with his bf. I have look through 59/249 pages of anime in MAL today just for that …… not .
P.S What is a bf? It is an abbreviation for battle frontier? OMG , I love Macross.

4.I parody a pose from Perfect Blue yesterday but none of my friend know what I am doing . HA! Noob. Actually I myself don’t know what is Perfect Blue all about , I just know that it is directed by Satoshi Kon in which I only watched his Tokyo God Father.

5.Today , our blog got a new author , but I am still not sure if he will even publish one post or not. For your information , he is some sexy ass alien I found when I went down to Mars (Mount arilla ridge SSSSS) today . His name is Vertist .

6. I found out that some anon link my post to /a/ and I must praise his great taste.

7. I learned Japanese because being able to watch anime raw is like the new cool . Of course , when people ask , I just gave them some excuses about acquiring a new language will help me to gain exposure to more stuff , especially when Japan is a vibrant technology hub . Yea , technology here means advance tenga sex toy.

8.I love disney and dream work cartoons while placing “The Giant Iron” as one of the best movie I ever watch . True story , just that I have only watched about 20 movies or so in which about 3/4 of them are cartoons , excluding anime movie.

9.I watched lots of hentai that no one care and listed them in my animelist so that the entry number can hit 200 . I also watched lots of obscure series , so much so that even if someone had watched almost 600 anime , we will only have about 120/200 shared series at most . Even the top user in MAL doesn;t have all that I watched , one man came close but he got own by my obscure hentai . Don’t get me going on about my more obscure manga list . No one is more anti herd than me . 😈

10. After hearing so much raving on F/SN , I watched the supposedly best battle , “Archer Vs Berserker” on youtube and you know what? It sucks so much that I can’t believe that the title of that video is not Shining Tear X Wind. To think that Kenshin’s ova came from the same studio , urggg.

THE END …….. of ze world.