Ok this is my first post and after watching Sakigaki Cromartie High, I suddenly feel like ranting on something so here I am. (Pardon my bad english) Also I believe that the MAN who picked up this Alien posted something like this before. But whatever, I’m just gona write out what I think.

Some things I wanna say.
First Thing, why do people love K-on and Lucky Star so much? I do not blame people who rave about K-on and Lucky Star because they are moe-tard who like to see cute girls eat cake and cute girls talking about how to eat a chocolate cornet.(No offense, I myself love moe stuff too) But when I asked some people why rave about K-on and Lucky Star? They said it was because IT WAS FUNNY!… wtf??(Plz enlighten me which parts is funny)

Second Thing, Why is sexy commando and cromartie RAREly being praise.(That’s how i feel though, cuz there are too much moe-tards) This two series are like some treasures that was being display but no one actually pick em up, its just like leaving behind gold bars when you can actually take em. But people rather go for shit from some dumps and rave about how nice they smell every moment of their life. For every reader info who do not know about this series, I can only say it is the most EPIC comedy anime I ever watch before, so I will waste my breaths and recommend moe-tards to TRY this series and stop sticking to MOEs and for people who say that K-on and Lucky Star is funny PLZ watch this series too before u rave about something being funny.

Badassesss FACESS


WHAT will you do when u open a door?? (Cromartie will show that it is normal to open a door and close it after doing so)
Recommendation by IWICSYI are never wrong

Some Craps which is not important
(One Last Thing,
The Man who pick up this Alien is a very MANLY ASS and when you wanna comment to him please use HAHA as the beginning –> HAHA, …… ) Thank you, very much

P.S. This is written by a Alien so there might be something wrong with it