Megazone 23 look awesome , it is directed by Ishiguro Noboru whom I have no idea who he is until just a minute ago . He is actually the legendary director that had directed epic series such as LOGH , Mushishi , Macross , Macross DYRL and Tytania.

Now I found out about Megazone 23 after reading the wiki on Matrix Trilogy . It is said that the movie is influence by it together with GITS . That pique my interest enough to  start doing some research on it . MAL gave it a  very low rating but I know that MAL rating is very questionable for old series as it is more bias toward newer series due to more people watching it. It is like Springgan only got a 6.9 or something while K-on and Higurashi is like higher than GITS and Planetes or what not .

Also , people are using today standard to judge anime , which is pretty alright but I don’t do that . Therefore their ratings aren’t really applicable for me .It is like no matter how people always say to take down your rose tinted glasses when you watches old series , I just simply can’t do it . I will always use the 1980s standard to judge 1980s series.

I think this is due to my childhood history of watching anime where I watched quite a lot of 90s and some 80s anime . So much so that  I have this special standard gauge for anime during that time range .It is hard to describe how this special guage work . The best example I can give is like how Macross Zero’s animation will always look pretty for me even maybe like say 20 years later , when its animation should be considered sub par by then .

With that , I expect megazone 23 to be a  steampunk series with lots of mature and science fic element after reading the synopsis . I can also expect great musical score thanks to Sagisu Shiro . Now, seriously , with all these talent working on this seemly huge budget 1985 ova , it surely won’t disappoint right?