The first 30 minute or so is pretty heavy in the theme of using allien to illustrate issue on  outcast and those living at the bottom rung of the society . It also used some kind of special directing technique whereby the whole movie is just like a documentary .The reference to district 6 is also quite clever . All these are smart and deep  but shortly  after that , it suddenly just turned into a rat and mouse game of a mutated human and the MNU . Irregardless , the rat and mouse race is one of the most heart pumping one that I ever saw . Every minute there is tension and explosion , the main character can die anytime and the action scene are really well done and realistic , realistic as in more realistic than most movies out there .

My favourite part of the whole movie is actually an overused plot trigger that you have seen it at least 100 times now . Yes ,  I love the scene when the main character suddenly turn from a coward into godlike Kira Yamato and start to create rampage while protecting his alien friend . I nearly cry when he sacrifice himself and ask Christopher to escape. Christopher then said to him that he will definitely return after 3 years to help him return into human form – manly . That is why I always love the plot on redemption and underdog spirit . Seeing the transition of a selfish man to such a noble one is really very enjoyable and inspirational .

Other minor stuff

The mecha reminds me of Mech Warrior and that bring in some nostalgic value . The bloodbath is awesome , my heart skip everytime when I see the body bursting apart .The romance subplot also touches my heart a little . But I find it strange that on the later part of the movie , all the aliens are gone . It is like district 9 have over 1 million alien but you can’t see any of them loitering around when the main character escape there .It seems like there are more human than alien in district 9 as so it is depicted in the movie . It just a minor inconsistency though and doesn’t really affect much .

Dumbed down

Although it promised a story with depth at the beginning , it still dumbed down during the later half to cater to wider audience . There are lots of conventional plot trigger and deus ex machina moment , so much so that you may doubt that whether is this the same show that you watch from 30min ago . You will also get your conventional plot line where the enemy will talks lots of crap before trying to kill all the character . But coincidentally , this talking of crap will always help to supply enough time for someone somewhere to rescue the character . Also , you will get those one man army … ok one man and one alien army that uses advance weapon to infiltrate the whole lab . The main character will power up till the extend whereby he is able to ride some unbeatable mecha and use some gun that shoot kamehameha too . Yea , really , I am not talking about Gundam X here .


Even though it has its fair share of conventional plot trigger , I must say that it is still smarter than most of the Hollywood flick out there. The action scenes are well done and ensure lots of heart pumping moment. It also showcase the spirit of underdog and touch on some issue that hold depth . The special directing technique is also one of its kind and it is sure refreshing . Africa being the setting is also quite an eye opener as most movie only depict their pyramid but district 9 show more of its normal city lifestyle . In conclusion , it is quite worth your money and is better than most movies out there . 4/5star

Next up , I think I will watch Up tomorrow . Anyone want to come along?