This fall season will be  the first time that I don’t have a clear idea what to watch because all the series just look so ……ambiguous?  Of course , the only series that I know I will definitely watch is Darker than Black 2 , but for the others …… considering that I have white album , blah blah blah haruka’s secret  and queen blade in my hard disk on hold for 1 million years , I guess I might as well pick those up and put it on hold for another 10 million years.

However , I must say that I am quite interested in The Book Of Bantorra as it is produced by David Production which is relatively quite a new company . I heard good stuff for their Ristorante Paradiso and I really will like to see how well can they do .

Others that I am interested in are 11 eyes , Kobato , The Sacred Black Smith and errr Nyan Koi .I choose  Kobato and Sacred Black Smith due to their production studio . As for 11 eyes, it  looks like it will be sucky though but it is hard to say for an VN adaption . Nyan Koi may just happen to become something like Midori no Hibi or Sora no Mani Mani .

The rest of it just look doesn’t seems to appeal me . To think that I will be going to be Morgan Freeman by next Thursday.

LOL , forgot to insert credit even though there is a huge word “chartfag.wordpress.com” plastered on the chart but yea , I ripped that picture from http://chartfag.wordpress.com/ so please do site visit them for larger image and better content.