Everyone must have their top 10 anime girls , so I must have one too . Watch this place for updates as I will be going out to get slaughter by arrays and papers soon . For a sneak peek , I will tell you that this will be a conventional list that includes characters like Fate , Saber , Rin(LB) , Nanoha , Rin (F/SN) ,Shana , Mikoto , Senjourhoasdohhoias( that bakemonblahblah girl) , Hatsune Miku( black rock shooter) and errr Kallen because they are all so kawai and so cute – even though I have not watch any anime that they are in .

Omg , I am so cool because I fanboy anime shoujo. I don’t have a top ten shonen though , because I am gay , I only have a top 100 one . In those 100 shonen , I have the whole cast of bleach , naruto , gundam seed , KHR , D gray man and errr Code gayass because all of them are touching and handsome , I love buttseck .

Oh before I end off , Bleach is TOUCHING and Planet ES is SUCKY and BORING .Fuck all that like PLanet ES and also fuck off those bleach haters . PLease leave Bleach alone !!!