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After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

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I am thinking of watching Genius Party Beyond , Musashi and Barefoot Gen 1&2 , it is $10 per ticket though. If any of you are interested in any movie , tell me , so I can make some plan  . That being say , I will most likely watch Musashi only if I am going alone , which is also most likely the case since I am a ornery loser that doesn’t bath .

Lol , after saying so much , I think I am the only one among my group that is excited about this , so I don’t think I will get any response from this futile attempt. Not to mention ,paying $10 for some shitty Japanese cartoon that screen during 6 and 9pm is like so uncool and such a waste of money. People prefer to watch Transformer 2 twice rather than doing that .

More details here if you are lazy to surf the site.

Venue:Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

Price: $10 per movie


animation nation schedule

Musashi    Oct 15 (Thursday) 6pm or Oct 20(tue) 9pm

Genius Party Beyond  Oct 18(sunday) 9pm or Oct 20(tue) 6pm

Barefoot Gen 1& 2  Oct 19 (monday) 6pm and 9pm , screening back to back .

If you are interested in other screening like that Israel animation or what not , tell me , I am interested in those too .

If you follow this blog 24/7 , you might notice that I wrote an impression post about Samurai Champloo before , but after a few hours , it was taken down . I took it down because that post is a disgrace , a big discredit  for the series .

Samurai Champloo caught me by surprise and show me something that I least expected it . I always have this prejudice of it being some mindless random samurai flick but I was wrong , it is more than that . The plots hold depth under the disguise of wacky humour and I must say that those depth are definitely concepts that people can  gain something from . There are underlying values , concepts and theme that the series wants to convey in every episode . One such example is episode 6 that talks about that funny Holland guy . Shinichiro Watanabe cleverly used slapstick humour to touch on issues such as abnormality and acceptance of minority in that episode. Clearly , I can’t give more examples because I am only at episode 6 now but let me just say that except from episode 1 , some of the dialogues from the other episode convey interesting ideas that are unique and hold some depth , like that villan theory in episode 4.

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the first sentence of it is ” Everyone is entiled to their own opinion “.

Naruto , bleach and One piece .

1. Umizaru

Umizru is a very interesting manga with a very interesting setting about Maritime Rescue . It dwells on issue about  values of life and courage of living . Lots of tragedies happened and it definitely will incur your manly tears . One of the most touching manga I ever read , one of my favourite as well .

2.Haruka Na Machi E

It is a story about time traveling , not those shitty children  going pre historic time and meet Jurassic Park type of time travelling , it is something more emotional and mature than that. It talks about a middle age man whom is also a stubborn old man living off his grumpy little life . However ,  one day , when he got very drunk , he remembered his tragic past and sort of collapse infront of a staircase and is then transported back into the past .  Then his own story unveil , he understand more about life and started to redeem himself . He wanted to change his history … … spoiler , not continuing .

I remembered that this manga impacted me so much , I broke down to tears after the final chapter . I am even having goosebumps now  just by thinking  how awesome it is . It is definitely one of my favourite manga as well .
For some tidbits , the author is Taniguchi Jiro , a very talented artist that drew realistic characters and touching storylines that dwell on  the society of Japan . I read that his manga contain quite a lot of violence as well . Read the rest of this entry »

The only thing that is interesting in this post is the topic header that make no sense . As for Bakuman itself , it is a manga about manga . It shed lots of light about shonen jump and manga while having a plot about working hard and following your dream. It also randomly added in some middle school romance drama that is interestingly interesting .All in all , it is like Comic Party , albeit a stronger and prettier one . By the way , for Comic Party , I am talking about the manga adaption here , not the vn or anime in which both got quite a low rating , no thanks to I don’t know what? Bad porn or animation maybe?
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So I just completed it and felt compelled to write about it because it is such a wonderful series . Strange enough , it was until I stalled it for almost 3 months , I finally got an idea what the series is about . During its airing , I felt that the series doesn’t have much exposition , it is like NEET and Johnny just came out of nowhere , so random that I don’t know what the series was about  at all! I thought it was some mindfuck show that no one should understand like Tekkon kinkreet and evangelion but I was wrong. It was just an  interesting series whereby a hero played a game and showed you how manly he was by saving Japan from missile attacks , twice.

Now that all doubts was cleared , it lost its novelty of being a pretentious “deep” and intelligent series that were so boring most of the time but everyone must say that it is damn good to make themselves look smart.  With that , however , it helps me to gain a lot more enjoyment by anticipating the result of the game .

With that , do catch Eden of the East . It might be confusing at first but just believe in everything and your doubts will uncover itself. Read the rest of this entry »

I got touched by the last episode of Azumanga Daioh , not because of the show itself but because of the alternate setting of the show from my imagination whereby all the characters have a gender swap . Won’t it be wonderful if all the characters are male? Then you can see lots of manly action like manly tears for graduation day and how they endure through their highschool life while having fun .

You see , there are lots of  school life slice of life series out there , but Genshiken is the only few that has more male  main character than female one. Now I wished for a clique of male friends not because I am gay but because I am a boy myself . Seeing a group of friends of male is definitely more relatable than seeing a group of female . Isn’t that simple? Also , I am tired of seeing a group of little girl already , what I want to see is how the anime will turn out if it is a group of boy , just imagine all the brotherly relationship and hot blooded speech , it can’t fail definitely .

Along the way ,beside  some mundane stuff , the series can add in some tiny bit of serious business like relationship problems , every boy love to talk about that .  Every character also must be  an average boy , normal and realistic to enhance the relatability . No fucking boy that look like girl definitely . With that , it will definitely remind all the manly man about the day when they are young and manly while shedding their manly tears.

This kind of series had made it on a lot of medium already , but there is a lack of anime adaption of it . We really need it for the refresh from the usual boring group of female friends . So come on everyone , am I the only one that think that seeing a school life slice of life of a male clique will be the best touching story ever?

Now back to the topic about Azumanga Daioh . It is quite ok because it at least have some sort of linear storyline . Osaka character is also quite well done . The character design is a mixture of hot and cute so that is good as well . All in all , it should be one of the best group of female friend doing mundane stuff type of series . Be wary , best in that shitty genre isn’t really that much of a  feat though.

not photoshopped

not photoshopped

My result is so lousy , I photoshop it to make it look good and deceit my friend by telling them I got gpa 4 while showing them this picture. For the bragging rights , my 3 hrs of photoshopping is worth it . Now let me stay at a corner crying while deluding myself that I really got the score as shown above. Also , as you can see , IWICSYI is really my name.

I kid.

Major  is the fastest paced anime I ever seen , with only 129 episode , it already covered almost 66 volume of the manga while adding its own tiny original bits such as Ryoko and Ayane scene. That’s really a feat when considering that one piece and naruto have almost 400+ episode and yet only covered at most like below 40 volumes . Major was able to do that because it doesn’t add in any filler , it take the course of breaking up the episode into seasons and air it when it have enough material for a full blown filler less series . Not to mention , there are already a lot of material to cover when the anime adaptation first started because it was almost 10 years after the manga start serialising when the first episode aired. However , now it  had started to catch up ,  I guess we have to wait at least one year for another season .
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