Americans are amusing , especially so for their anime subculture whereby you can see lots of terms like yaoi paddle and manga cow which foreigners have no ideas of . I find manga cow to be exceptionally funny because people can actually browse the manga before deciding to buy . Compare to our local store whereby by plastic wrapping is treated like gold , I just can’t compute the scene .

It is strange huh? To solve the problem of manga cow blocking the way , just wrap all the manga with plastic and put a big warning sign that says once tore considered sold . Isn’t that easy? Unless if you tell me that American doesn’t have any self conscious and go on tearing the plastic off even with warning . If that’s the case, then I have nothing to say . I guess Singaporean being meekly isn’t such a bad thing after all , at least I am safe from saliva and sweat from those smelly bastard that touches those manga before anyone can make any purchase.

However , to be frank , it will be a rare sight seeing people crowding manga shop in the first place , so much so that I wonder how those comic shop survive.

I am also worried about seeing so many comic shop branches closing down one by one and the shrinking size of comic section in bookstores. I guess not many people buy physical comics now due to the rampage of scanlation and the lack of fan huh. The ratio of people knowing manga like vinland saga is so pathetic when compare to anime like K-on. This is due to the fact of lacking in exposure and people being lazy to even read . Yea, you heard that right , people are so lazy till the extend that reading comics is tiresome . I don’t know about you , but I know lots of people that have never ever read a book outside of textbook . In the first place , if people do care to read up stuff , they won’t even bother you with questions that answer can be easily found by google and wikipedia right?