There you have it , Kamichu is great in so many ways that it reminds me of spirited away – The animation , the novelty , ,the character ,the suspension of disbelief and how everyone seems to accept everything so easily .

Nevertheless , Kamichu is one of the best animated series that make me goes “wow! This is awesome because every single strand of hair is moving” type of animation since …… errrrrrr when?? TTGL? Serei no Moribito? Clannad??? Kanon 2006??First episode of Hanada Shonen shi ?? Now and then , Here and there??? I don’t know . The animation reminds me of the reason why everyone seems to be complaining about how anime series nowadays suck , because seriously , there is a lack of great animation recently . It is like Eden of the East, TM8.0, Haruhi 2 and Kurozuka are the few anime that I can think of to warrant a decent animation this past few season . Guin Saga isn’t bad too and Basquash got off stream after episode 10. Whereas ,Shinbo style is just stylish , not awesome animation whereby every single strand of hair is moving .

Another thing that is great about Kamichu is that , it shared the awesome stuff that can be found throughout all the brains base series – the wonderful script . I know I have repeated this many times before ,but please bare with me here so that I can make this post longer to give myself an excuse on why I haven’t start a single page of revision for my today exam yet .

It being a original series also surprises me because I thought Brains Base are only good at adapting novel .

Now with that , I am confused on why did Akikan’s animation sucked so much. However , in order to sound smart, I need to make my stand in explaining why Akikan’s animation sucked .Therefore I will mimic what all the anime blogger are doing nowadays – equates research with finding name of directors in ann and name drops them while making the readers think that they are familiar with those name . Therefore , I like to say this , Yuji Himaki sucks .

Also , why is Shinbo getting all the credits when Shin Oonuma has done a fair share of photoshopping himself as well?

AH HA! Now I am a smart anime fans because I know names that are behind everyone favourite anime even though I don’t exactly know them well . With that , I also know Hayao Miyazaki , Anno Hideaki , Tomino , Shouji Kawamori , Akitaro Daichi , Hideyuki Kurata , Range Murata ,Yoshitoshi ABe ,Mamoru Oshii ,, Kenji Kawai , Iwasak Tarou , Kanno Yoko , 鸟山明,安西 信行, GB 山本, 浦沢直樹, 瀬尾公治, 井上雄彦 , 手塚治虫 ,小畑 健 ,Tsugumi Ohba and etc.

Now I am really awesome because I even know some of their kranji name . Please disregard the fact that I am actually withholding the information of me , knowing only their Chinese names rather than their actual kranji one because I read Chinese manga .

Also , you need to thank me for making the effort to google up all those names , because most of the time , I don’t bother remembering names and just call them that shaft guy , that ghilbi guy , that flame of recca guy , that lain guy, that sexy commando masaru guy ,that macross guy , the original gundam guy, that Brains Base guy and such .