Now ,I know I am really late to this if Yuuki is dead or not game , but it never crossed my mind that he may be dead .I just thought that Mari is just worried about her family . However , there is some speculation that people come up with due to some hint in episode 8 . I re watch part of it and those hints might be true! The dream sequence might not be a dream at all . Mirai might just be in denial !

Now I won’t say what those hints are because it is more fun if you pick it up yourself , even though I didn’t . I blame that in accepting what the show offered me and not thinking too much about it , in other words , I suck at speculating . Maybe that’s why I don’t like higurashi huh? Because I don’t care to speculate its mystery. Part of it is due to Kindachi though , because I failed so hard in speculating Kindaichi case , I totally give it up and just let the show give me the answer . Oh and Kindaichi is the best detective show , everyone should watch it .

Now with that in mind , I should put more thoughts in watching anime and speculate the shit out of it .

Getting back to TM8.0 . If it is really like what others had said , then the great episode 8 will just became a masterpiece due to this clever subtle element . I am ok with both ways , but I lean towards the Yuuki dying though , bittersweet ending is always good … … not. Now I am in a dilemma , I don’t know if I want him to die or not .