Kamina is the role model for Simon , but Kamina himself is a loud mouth retard that only have guts but no other talent .Honda is the role model for Guro . Honda himself is a honest man who does everything for his child . He also has great talent in baseball , able to hit 160km/hr pitch and is a really great and understanding father . A real manly man  .

That’s why Honda > Kamina . 1-0 .

Kamina died at episode 8 while Honda died at episode 6 , Honda died first , that why Honda wins again . 2-0

Honda is a great surname , you won’t need any effort to remember it. Kamina doesn’t have any surname , that makes him looks like a bastard child . Therefore , Honda wins . 3-0

Honda has sex before he died, hence continuing  inheriting his awesome gene to his child , Kamina inherits nothing . Honda win . 4-0

Kamina is a city in Haut-Lomami Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo .Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer . I don’t want to be a racist here but Honda wins. 5-0

With that, Honda is manlier than Kamina . I don’t care whether having a surname or being a car manufacturer doesn’t have anything to do with manliness , I just know that Honda>Kamina .

All in all , Major is awesome , not as awesome as TTGL but still awesome , definitely in my top 20 and maybe even top 10 after I watch enough anime to conclude my top 10. And did I say that Honda is manlier than Kamina? I think I have not , that why I will say it here , Honda is manlier than Kamina .