No man , I don’t care , I watch every anime in rmvb nowadays anyway . You don’t know about QUALITY until you see those fabulous rmvb encoding  from our china best friend . However , do I care? Small file size> quality  any day man . I rather watch more anime with lesser quality rather than lesser anime with more quality . Only faggots care about quality .  There aren’t any anime that worth 300mb per episode nowadays anyway .

But oh hard disk space is so cheap nowadays , $200 and you can buy one terrabyte , it is so CHEAP ! MY FOOT! US 150 is my $370 and do you know that I can last 3 months with that amount of money? Do you know that if I take the alternative of rmvb , I can save that $360 ? I know US are rich because they are us and all of them pay for their crunchyroll and have 264 times more nuke than anybody else. Therefore they shouldn’t take the cheapo alternative of fansub and scanlation and just pump in more  money for anime so that Japan can create more quality anime. European also . Then I can download more rmvb and watch it for free .

Now , after knowing all that , you should move your fatty hand and donate  US150 to Kyoani then move your fatty legs and write them letters telling them that they suck and please produce better anime with their awesome animation  and stop with all those K-on and endless eight . No one will care about Haruhi and Mio after this year anyway. Only faggots does because they are no one .

Also , don’t donate to Shaft . Otherwise , they will produce more and more photoshop filter , so much so that it lost its novelty and became a cliche , in other words , not cool at all . You need to restrain their budget so that they have to think of more artistic yet static photoshop filter to cut cost . Also , lesss budget means lesser series , lesser series means lesser photoshop filter . This helps to make those photoshop filter stayed cool because it will still considered unique  .

Otherwise , you need to buy lots and lots of great manga and vote for them in shonen jump Japan so that they won’t be canceled suddenly. However , you must practice restrain in order not to make those manga another naruto or bleach .

Lesson of the day , if you saved your US150 , you can make a different for anime and manga . One US 150 may seems little , but 10 million US150 will result in a hefty sum of money .  With that , you can save 10 million one terrabyte hard disk and helps  to reform the shitty anime season this year!!!! BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVE IN THE YOU! MINNA NO PEACE ALL RIGHT , LOVE AND ROCK BLAH BLAH OK . UTA WATEVR SONG FOR YOU . LOVE AND PEASU ROCKED MY SONG!

Oh , read the tags as well please , they are as awesome as the fabulous Ayakashi anime created by studio kids . Never heard before? That’s why it is awesome .