I don’t know why this is happening to me but I am actually laughing at how funny I am for some of my old post . I felt smart too because I actually did generate quite a lot of valid points . With the right mood , I can re read all my blog post because it is that good . However , sometimes I felt so embarrassed with my own writing , I don’t even dare to look at my own blog .

I also felt inferior when reading great blog but other times like now , I find myself enjoying my own post more than others . I think this is due to the lack of comments , that’s why I don’t really know if my post is good or not . With that say , I still love the lack of attention I am having now because this allows me to write what I really want without any restraint . LOL , now I am in a dilemma on whether will I like to have more comments or not . I guess both ways are fine .

Finally , some food for thoughts. It is all right to be a jerk to tease without being a real jerk . However it is totally wrong in becoming a real bastard just to garner attention . Also , people that are sucking up to fansubbers are really LOL because seriously , what for?