The title said it all right? Come on man , the power of friendship in Higurashi is the worst that I ever seen because that is like totally off from its usual setting and due to that with other minor problems , it destroyed the whole series . Please imagine this ,a movie promises Final Destination at the beginning then suddenly gave you Dragonball halfway, make that Dragonball with MOE children sprouting cheesy lines like ” I BELIEVE MY FRIENDS!” Oh man ,that is cheesier and weirder than Loveless character being straight while showcasing the power of LOVE! Does that really compute? Am I the only one that see a problem there? Am I the only one that thought that Higurashi is damn Shonen that hide itself as an seinen so that people can like it because it is not retard shonen with the power of FRIENDSHIP!?

I bashed Higurashi so much that I have lost count in the number of times I said that it sucked . You know , I actually thought that Higurashi is your above average shonen at first , but after seeing so many people bashing shonen cliche yet liking Higurashi’s lousier shonen cliche , it make my brain go off circuit , so much so that I hated it so much now .

But …..but there are other elements like mystery that make Higurashi great! Yea , you are right , that is like saying Rosario to Vampire awesome opening sequence make the whole series great. Seriously man , the whole value and the whole stupid things that Higurashi want to convey is the power of friendship . In between , it added in some gore , some mystery with MAGIC , some moe girl and other stuff but those aren’t important at all in the end! The last 2 arc in Higurashi Kai which I believed is the most important arc doesn’t even have much of those elements , except from moe girls. Those are just pandering tools to hide itself as a shonen series and oh gosh , how many times did I said that already?

Still , not all is bad , I do gave my applause to its mystery element but you know how I thought of it if you read every post of mine , which is most likely not . So I will supply this few links for you so that you won’t be butthurt because I gave like near 100 reasons on why I don’t like it . Also , this is just my opinion on Higurashi and I do think my criticisms are valid . It won’t influence others views on Higurashi as well because those that like it will still like it , and not to mention , my pathetic 20 viewers per day in which 75% or more of them will never touch anime won’t be influence by me too .

To those that think that I don’t get Higurashi because I am some bleachtard or what .Then in return ,I will also think that you don’t get how sucky Higurashi is because you are a sissy . In other words , flame me with oil added because I am an attention whore that wants hate/troll comments , which is like 60% of all the comments that I received.

Now, for Major , it is just awesome because it promises you shonen and gave you shonen . It have lots of great shonen formula like done right power of friendship , underdog spirit , manly passion , family values ,romance subplot, characters with hidden talents and etc . All in all , it is good even though the main character can be such an ass sometimes . Regardless , at least he is an ass that learn and become manlier day by day. Great show that  many people hate because LOL sport series. Also , did I mention that it showcase better shonen values than those shitty one in Higurashi?