Lol wtf man , I am really starting to become a real fat nerd . I used almost 20min to run 6/7X400M rounds. I lost count on how many round I run but it still doesn’t change the fact that I am slow . Remember my resolution of running 2.4km everyday? I did follow it but accident happened . On the first day , I got a leg cramp after doing 106 squat simultaneously . So I took almost 4 day to relieve the pain and start to run again today .

I must say that I learn quite a lot with this two runs . After the first run , I found out that my thighs muscle is weak , I got the stamina to run the complete rounds but my thighs get tired and sore easily . Hence I started to train my leg muscle and that explained the 106 squat . The training did help as my leg is able to tolerate the whole 2.4km with only a slight fatigue today. The problem now is that I don’t know how to pace myself. I can run faster but I don’t know how far my stamina can bring me . With that , I believe that I can finished my next run in 15min by hastening my pace , which of course is still slow but at least better than now .

From this runs , I also found out that I got weaker . In the past , without any serious training , I can finish 2.4km within 13+min. With that said , I am not surprise with my current situation as I have not been exercising for almost a year ,thanks to anime . By not exercising , I really mean not moving much at all , all the activities that I did is cruising the mouse while sitting down for 10 hours per day . It is also almost 1 and a half year since I played any sports , to think that I am at least average in most sport I played in the past. Now I think I won’t even have the ability to win primary school children in basketball or football.

Oh , and sports anime is a fraud man , all they need to do to keep moving are motivation speech and drawing more frames . In real life , you will die from dehydration and suffocation after crossing the limit . No amount of manly speech will gain you more power to keep on running .

Ahhh how I wished that montage are real , so I can train for 5minute while playing manly music and it will equate to 3 months worth of training . Oh , and how far can a beginner pitcher threw a paper ball crushed from a A4 size paper? It won’t be that far right? Course I can only throw like 8m at most , which is like not even half the distance between the mount and the home plate. If your average joe without any training can throw a distance of 18.4m , then that means that I sucked .